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Outdoor Prolink (how-to apply, login and get awesome pro deals)

Outdoor Prolink (how-to apply, login and get awesome pro deals)

For a select population of people, Outdoor Prolink is your go-to source for discounted gear. Unfortunately, Outdoor Prolink is only available to outdoor industry professionals and the website can be confusing to navigate, even if you do qualify for their program.

That’s why we’re here to de-mystify Outdoor Prolink and its entire program so you can spend less time flipping through FAQ pages and more time outside.

Not an outdoor industry professional but still want to get discounted gear? Don’t despair – we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to share with you about how to get quality gear on the cheap, so you never have to pay MSRP ever again. Let’s get to it…

What is Outdoor Prolink?

screen shot of outdoor prolink login page

What? A website that can get you discounted gear without having to wait for a sale? What kind of craziness is this? That, my friends, is Outdoor Prolink.

If you don’t work in the outdoors or if you’re new to the industry, you may not have heard of Outdoor Prolink, so it’s understandable if the whole thing seems a little suspicious. Let’s break it down here.

Basically, Outdoor Prolink is a program that allows qualified outdoor industry professionals to access discounted rates on a whole assortment of outdoor gear.

Generally speaking, “outdoor industry professional” refers to people currently working as guides, outdoor educators, mountain rescue/search and rescue personnel, outdoor photographers, retail employees, and ski patrollers, but the folks over at Outdoor Prolink have the final say as to whether or not you fit into one of their acceptable categories.

Outdoor Prolink operates a website where you can create an account, apply for the program, and access great deals on quality gear from over 100 companies (and counting!), so it’s a bit like a one-stop-shop for discounted gear.

These deals, however, are only available to Outdoor Prolink’s accepted “members,” so it’s not really an REI equivalent for discounted gear. But, if you do qualify, Outdoor Prolink’s program is pretty darn awesome, so it’s worth checking out their eligibility criteria.

Who can use Outdoor Prolink?

As we’ve mentioned several times, Outdoor Prolink is not a free-for-all discounted gear website. It’s not a mountain town thrift store, where anyone can walk in and buy a barely-used Patagonia Nano-Air for 80% off; instead, Outdoor Prolink is a program designed exclusively for people who meet Outdoor Prolink’s strict eligibility guidelines.

Who is eligible for Outdoor Prolink, you might ask? Well, it turns out that if you work in the outdoors or the outdoor industry, you have a pretty good chance of becoming a member of the program, so long as you can prove your employment status with supporting documentation. 

That being said, the people who fit into the following employment categories are, according to Outdoor Prolink, eligible for their program:

  • Backcountry ski and snowboard/splitboard guides
  • Climbing and mountaineering guides
  • Adventure and active travel guides
  • Avalanche and snow safety professionals
  • Outdoor and wilderness educators
  • Search and rescue professionals
  • Ski patrollers
  • PSIA/AASI instructors
  • Outdoor photographers and media professionals
  • Cycling industry professionals
  • River, sea kayak, and paddling guides
  • Hunting and fishing guides
  • Outdoor industry employees (usually refers to outdoor retail individuals)

So, if your current job title fits into one of the above categories, you probably have a pretty good shot of getting accepted into the program. However, Outdoor Prolink has the final say as to who they allow into their programs, so you’ll have to prove your eligibility before you get their discounts.

Not sure if your work qualifies you for Outdoor Prolink? Thankfully, Outdoor Prolink has a great membership team that’s happy to help you through their application process. Shoot them an email at with your questions!

Why do brands offer discounts on gear?

If you’ve read this far and you’re new to the world of “pro purchase” or “pro deals,” you may be questioning why a gear manufacturer would ever want to sell their gear for less than MSRP, especially to outdoor professionals that have to buy their gear anyway to do their jobs.

While it would, at the face of it, seem like these companies could just make more money by selling all of their products at MSRP, regardless of who the customer is, pro purchase programs, like Outdoor Prolink, are actually mutually beneficial to both the company and the professional.

Questioning how this all works? Here’s our take on it: Basically, since outdoor professionals use and abuse their gear more than anyone else, they are the people who need the gear most. At the same time, they’re also the people who tend to consume – and actually use – the most gear, solely because of the demands of their line of work.

That being said, outdoor professionals are often also the people that many outdoor enthusiasts and recreationalists go to when they need advice about their gear.

Thus, many brands offer discounted gear to the people who need it most and, in return, almost always get some sort of indirect publicity and promotion from professionals who go on to recommend the gear they like to their clients, students, friends, and family. It’s basically the original influencer program from before the days of Instagram and Facebook. 

Plus, if you think about it, these companies are now getting personal gear recommendations from people that many of us trust – our ski patrollers, climbing guide, and outdoor educators – while all of these hardworking people have the privilege of discounted gear so they can continue working in the great outdoors. What could be better?

How do I Apply for an Outdoor Prolink membership?

The staff over at Outdoor Prolink personally verify that every single member of their program meets their eligibility criteria to help maintain their website’s integrity and their relationship with outdoor brands. Thus, becoming a member of Outdoor Prolink is a bit more complicated than creating an account with

While you don’t have to pay to be a member of Outdoor Prolink, you do have to apply and wait for approval from the program’s staff. The application process is not difficult, but you do have to do some work before you can unlock your discounts. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Assuming you qualify for the program as a member of one different aforementioned employment categories, you can go ahead and start your application process by following this link.

2. Once you get to the application page, you’ll fill in your personal information and create a log-in password. The application will ask you to input your company’s name, your title, and information about your work to help Outdoor Prolink’s staff get a better idea of what it is that you actually do.

It’s important to be honest and thorough about this information, especially if you’re a seasonal or contract outdoor professional as this could affect your eligibility for the program.

3. At the end of the application, it asks the website to you to input either an “application code” or to upload your supporting documentation. If your organization has already applied to Outdoor Prolink on your behalf and told you that you’re eligible for the program, they will probably also give you an application code, which can be used in lieu of supporting documentation.

If you’re applying for an account with Outdoor Prolink as an individual, you’ll need to upload supporting documentation to prove that you’re an outdoor industry professional.

While this may seem like a nit-picky thing to do, it’s important to understand that access to these discounts is a privilege, not a right, and Outdoor Prolink needs to do everything it can to stop people from fraudulently using its program to protect the privileges of the outdoor industry professionals who qualify for these discounts.

What kind of supporting documentation do you need, then? Well, according to Outdoor Prolink, you can upload the following documents:

  • Paystub from the past 30 days
  • Certifications (AMGA, PCIA, PSIA, ACA, or NSP)
  • Work ID/employee pass
  • LES, Red Card, or work contract.

You cannot, however, upload the following documents if you want to be accepted to the program, according to their website:

  • W2s
  • Resumes
  • Timesheets
  • Letters from your employer
  • DD214s
  • Employee ID #
  • Business cards
  • WFA or WFR Certifications
  • Photos of your dog, photos of you wearing a nametag, photos of you climbing, photos of goats, etc. 

4. Once you’ve finalized your application, you can go ahead and submit it to Outdoor Prolink. Now, you wait for Outdoor Prolink to approve or deny your application. 

Truth be told, however, Outdoor Prolink is one of the most prompt and efficient pro purchase programs when it comes to approving and denying applications. They aim to get back to you within three business days, but often their response rate is much faster than that so long as your supporting documentation all checks out.

If you submitted an incomplete application or if the folks at Outdoor Prolink have questions for you about your employment and eligibility, you’ll probably hear from them via email. Once your application has been approved, however, you’ll get an email from the site congratulating you and welcoming you to the program. Then, it’s time to shop until you drop!

What kind of discounts do I get on Outdoor Prolink?

outdoor prolink pro deals

With deals this good, you’ll be buying new gear in no time

Once you get accepted to Outdoor Prolink, your log-in information will provide you with access to their password-protected online store, where you can search for gear by brand, activity, or category, much like you would at any other online retail store. However, one big thing you’ll notice right away on Outdoor Prolink is that all of their gear is sold at a discount.

All of Outdoor Prolink’s discounts have to be approved by gear manufacturers, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see anything ridiculous like a 90% off deal (both Outdoor Prolink and the manufacturers still have to make money!). However, Outdoor Prolink does provide you with discounts of up to 50% off on all of the gear sold on their website.

That being said, the discount you’ll get on gear varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between two products from a single company. There’s not really a rhyme or reason to these different discounts, so you really just have to look and see what’s available. 

Additionally, while Outdoor Prolink currently provides access to over 100 brands, they don’t carry all of the major gear manufacturers (Patagonia being one of the exceptions) and they don’t carry all of a given manufacturer’s products. Thus, sometimes it’s a bit of a luck of the draw as to what you can find on the website.

Sometimes, though, you can get really lucky and find that the gear you’re looking for is on a super-sale, where Outdoor Prolink also offers an additional discount, on top of what you already receive. Often, these super sales are seasonal (especially around the holidays), so if you’re a member, keep an eye out on your inbox for updates about the latest deals.

What’s the catch?

Okay, okay, if all of this seems too good to be true, we can understand why. That being said, although the notion of getting discounted gear might seem absurd, it is very much so the case that Outdoor Prolink members do get deals on outdoor gear and clothing.

However, Outdoor Prolink isn’t just an outdoor professional’s You don’t get to search through millions of products in every size and color you can possibly imagine, add what you want to your cart, qualify for free shipping, and have your gear at your front door the next day. There are limits and rules to the program that need to be understood and followed for it to be a success. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Don’t expect free shipping… or expedited shipping, for that matter.

When a website offers free shipping, it’s to convince you to shop for products through their platform and not some other one. When it comes to pro purchase programs, don’t think you’ll get free two-day shipping just because your order is over $50.

Instead, Outdoor Prolink, and pretty much every other pro purchase program, will charge you for shipping your products. Often, this will be the actual price of the shipping costs, but many times a company will simply charge a surprisingly high flat rate to ship your items to anywhere in the Lower 48 (sorry folks in Alaska and Hawaii, you’ll probably pay a bit more for your shipping… alas.). 

This rate is usually in the realm of $12-15, so it behooves you to order more than just one pair of socks when buying through pro purchase programs. When it comes to Outdoor Prolink, in particular, you need to keep in mind that the gear is shipped directly from each manufacturer, so you’ll pay much more for your shipping if you’re getting gear from 10 different companies in your order, even if the items are small.

Oh, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be given the option for fast shipping and processing on your pro purchase order. Generally, pro purchases are considered the least time-sensitive orders as companies would rather send their gear out to their full-price paying customers first.

So, if you’re headed out on a trip in the nearish future, you’ll want to order your gear way in advanced to make sure it arrives on time. We suggest a minimum of 2-3 weeks for any time-sensitive Outdoor Prolink orders.

2. You probably can’t return your gear.

One of the drawbacks to purchasing gear through pro purchase is that you almost always can’t return or exchange it if you don’t like the product or you bought the wrong size. Although this may seem harsh, this is really to conserve the time and efforts of both Outdoor Prolink and the gear manufacturers, who have already taken a hit on some of their profits by offering you discounted gear to begin with.

When it comes to Outdoor Prolink, Scarpa and La Sportiva orders are the only exceptions to the “no refunds” rule. While both of these companies will accept returns (not exchanges), the item being returned must be in factory-fresh condition, must be returned within 30 days of receipt, and must be in the original packaging.

Oh, and you have to pay the costs of shipping to the warehouse and potentially a re-stocking fee, too.

Basically, make sure you’re getting the right item before you click “purchase.”

3. You cannot – under any circumstances – buy gear for family or friends or that random person on the street.

Your Outdoor Prolink and pro purchase privileges are for you and you only. This means that you can’t use your discount to buy presents, bribes, or whatever else you might be trying to get gear for.

In fact, if you get caught doing this, you’ll lose your membership in the program and probably get blacklisted from the website for the rest of your life. Just don’t do it.

The only exception to this rule is when Outdoor Prolink offers a “friends and family” sale where they specifically say that you can buy gear for other people with your discount. When this happens, you should feel free to buy whatever you want for whomever you want – that’s the whole point of the sale?

That being said, it can be difficult to say no to people who ask you repeatedly to use your discount to buy them gear. Our advice? Don’t flaunt your discount (see more in the next section about this), for starters, and then people won’t bug you about it. Easy peasy.

4. Sizes and styles/colors are limited.

If you really wanted to use your discount on Outdoor Prolink to buy that limited edition puffy jacket in these special colors in XXXXS, we hate to break it to you, but it’s probably not going to happen. Pro purchase products tend to be very limited in sizes, styles, and colors, so you’re most likely not going to get that super limited edition item you’ve been jonesing for with your discount.

If this is upsetting to you, we understand. But, please do keep in mind that manufacturers don’t have to give us these discounts, so be thankful that we get what we have!

How can I be a responsible member of Outdoor Prolink?

Once you become a member of Outdoor Prolink, the world of discounted gear is your metaphorical oyster. You can access great deals from hundreds of top brands with just the click of a button. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, over the years, many people have abused their Outdoor Prolink privileges, which results either in a formal reprimand or removal from the program. Breaking any of the program’s rules can and will result in removal from Outdoor Prolink and, since the gear deals are so great, you really don’t want that to happen.

So, how can you be a responsible member of Outdoor Prolink? We’re glad you asked. Here’s what you can do:

1. Only buy gear for yourself.

If this wasn’t clear when we previously mentioned it, you should NEVER buy gear for anyone besides yourself, unless Outdoor Prolink is running a “friends and family” sale. Repeat after us: I will only buy gear for myself on Outdoor Prolink.

We know you might be tempted to hook up your friends with sweet deals or surprise a loved one with a great gift, but scour the internet for a good deal instead of letting them use your account. Trust us, you don’t want to break this rule.

2. DO NOT haggle Outdoor Prolink over their returns policy.

When you buy gear through Outdoor Prolink, you’re accepting their terms and conditions, which means you can’t (with two exceptions – Scarpa and La Sportiva) return or exchange any gear. 

So, for everyone’s sake, don’t call or email Outdoor Prolink to ask for an exception to this rule. You chose to use the program, so you have to follow their rules. Annoying the staff at Outdoor Prolink won’t change anything!

On that same line of thought, under no circumstances should you try to return your pro purchase gear directly to the manufacturer or through a retail store. This is a major no-no and is a great way to get yourself banned from Outdoor Prolink and other pro purchase programs. Just don’t do it.

3. DO NOT walk into retail stores and speak loudly about your pro purchase discounts.

No one likes a bragger, so don’t let that be you. Your Outdoor Prolink discounts are a privilege for your benefit, but they do mean that you’re probably shopping less and spending less money at traditional outdoor stores. 

So, when you go into one of these stores, restrain yourself and don’t mention that you can get all of this stuff for cheaper elsewhere. It’s bad form, makes you look kind of like a jerk, and won’t make you any friends.

Additionally, since there is a no-returns policy on almost all Outdoor Prolink gear, we understand if you feel tempted to go into a retail store to try on gear that you’ll then buy for cheaper online. Doing this, however, is VERY highly discouraged by Outdoor Prolink because they don’t want their programs to negatively affect retailers, who are the main source of revenue for manufacturers.

Thus, if you absolutely must go into a retail store, do the following:

  • Be very nice to the store staff at all times. You should be doing this anyway.
  • Don’t walk around and talk loudly about how you can get all this gear for cheaper online.
  • Return any and all clothing you try on to its original location.
  • Do not waste anyone’s time, especially when trying on boots. If it’s super busy, don’t ask to try on boots that you won’t buy. Come in at a better time when there are fewer people in the store.
  • If you must try on boots, make sure you fully pack up and organize your boots when you’re done. No one likes cleaning up someone else’s mess and having to put away 5 pairs of boots is just annoying. Clean up after yourself and make the place look awesome.
  • Don’t just walk into a store, try stuff on, and leave – buy something! We understand that budgets are tight and that many of us don’t have huge amounts of disposable income. But, if you’re going to use a retail outlet as a place to try something on, you should buy something, regardless of how small it is. Sure, you might be able to get it for slightly cheaper online, but if you want that store to still be there the next time you’re in town, you need to buy something to support them.

Ultimately, if you want to be a responsible member of Outdoor Prolink, you just need to remember that this is a privilege, not a right and that you have to act appropriately at all times. Understand the terms of the program and be kind and courteous to retail store staff. Don’t go around boasting about your discounts, and be sure to make purchases at small gear stores once in a while, too.

That way, these programs can continue for years and years for us to enjoy.

How can I get deals on gear if I don’t qualify for Outdoor Prolink?

At this point, you’re either beyond stoked about applying for an Outdoor Prolink account, or you’re bummed that you can’t be a part of the program because you don’t work in the outdoor industry. If you’re part of the latter group, we understand that it’s disappointing to hear that you can’t get access to some sweet gear deals.

However, we want you to know that there are plenty other legitimate ways to get quality outdoor gear on the cheap, even if you don’t qualify for Outdoor Prolink. So, don’t despair, read on!


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Expert Voice (Formerly Promotive & Experticity)

expert voice vs outdoor prolink

Expert Voice

While Outdoor Prolink is, perhaps, one of the best-known pro purchase programs for outdoor professionals, it is far from the only one. In fact, there is another program that provides great discounts on gear to a slightly wider range of people, so if you don’t qualify for Outdoor Prolink, there’s a chance you might qualify for Expert Voice.

What is Expert Voice?

Expert Voice (formerly known as Promotive and, later, Experticity), is a website where individuals can access discounts from hundreds of different brands. Basically, all you have to do is make a free account, affiliate with an accepted group, and then wait to get approved, much like Outdoor Prolink.

The difference between Expert Voice and Outdoor Prolink, however, is that, unlike at Outdoor Prolink, you don’t apply as an individual in Expert Voice. Instead, you need to affiliate yourself with a registered group to gain access.

Confused? Don’t be.

Basically, there are hundreds of different “groups” on Expert Voice, that cover everything from Alta Ski Resort employees to American Alpine Club members. If you can find a group that you can prove your affiliation with, then you’ve got access to great deals. It’s pretty simple and pretty cool.

How can I become a member of Expert Voice

To sign up for Expert Voice, you’ll need to make a free account with their website. Simply input your information and create a log-in password. Once you do this, you can get started by applying to specific groups.

If you work in the outdoor industry, this probably won’t be too difficult, especially if you can submit a copy of a recent paystub or some relevant certifications to groups you qualify for (each group has its own rules and its own discounts). If you don’t work in the outdoors, there’s still a chance that you qualify for some great discounts through your local outdoors club or organization.

Additionally, groups of people that might not traditionally qualify for pro purchase programs might be eligible, with the right documentation, through Expert Voice. These people include:

  • Outdoor club members
  • Fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel
  • Military personnel
  • Outdoor organization volunteers

So, if you find a group that you can join, go ahead and apply! You can apply for and be accepted to as many groups as you are eligible for, so it’s worth the time to try to unlock as many discounts as possible!

How do I order gear through Expert Voice?

Another key difference between Expert Voice and Outdoor Prolink is that Expert Voice isn’t like a traditional online retailer. Instead, each brand has its own ordering portal that you’ll have to gain access to if you want to buy gear.

Sometimes, this is as easy as affiliating yourself with a particular discount group, but other times, you need to complete educational course and quizzes to unlock your discount. This might sound tedious, but often, these games are very informative and can help you make better decisions about the gear you’re going to buy. Plus, you can share this knowledge with your family and friends, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

That being said, brands on Expert Voice often have restrictions on how much and what you can buy with your discount, so be sure to read the fine print before you purchase anything. Oh, and, much like Outdoor Prolink, they limit your ability to return gear, so make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy it!

Discounted Gear Websites

If you, unfortunately, don’t qualify for either Expert Voice or Outdoor Prolink, you’re probably starting to feel a bit disgruntled. We understand. No one wants to spend their life’s savings just to get outside and everyone wants to get a good deal on gear. Thankfully, this is still possible, even if you aren’t eligible for Expert Voice or Outdoor Prolink.

The answer? Discounted gear websites. Here are some of our favorites:

Steep and Cheap

steep and cheap vs outdoor prolink

Steep and Cheap

Steep and Cheap is’s online warehouse. It’s one of the company’s best methods for off-loading their extra inventory and can get you quality gear from pretty much any brand at an amazing price (we’ve seen gear for upward of 80% off!).

If this sounds too good to be true, well, it’s not! You can, indeed, get amazing deals on gear through Steep and Cheap without having to apply for an account. However, the gear deals on Steep and Cheap are highly limited to a small range of sizes, colors, and products, so you might not be able to get exactly what you want when you want it. Plus, when Steep and Cheap runs out of stock on a particular item, the deal is gone.

Thus, Steep and Cheap isn’t the place to go when you’re looking for a specific hard-to-find item, but it is a great place to shop if you’re browsing your options for a new rain jacket or some new climbing pants. You better act quickly, though, because these deals won’t last!

The Clymb

The Clymb is another discounted gear website that can offer you 50-75% off of retail, all for the small fee of providing your email address. So, if you can stomach the thought of getting lots of emails about gear (or you have a great spam filter), the Clymb is a great option for discounted gear.

That being said, like Steep and Cheap, the options aren’t limitless on the Clymb, so you’ll need to check it regularly if you’re in the hunt for something in particular. Though, we suppose there are worse things than being an online gear shopaholic.

Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post is yet another discounted gear website, but unlike the Clymb, you don’t have to make a membership to access great deals. Sierra Trading Post is a great way to get very cheap gear whenever you need it most. 

However, when you use Sierra Trading Post, don’t expect access to top brands like Black Diamond and Patagonia. Instead, Sierra Trading Post specializes in more common brands, such as Pearl Izumi, Burton, and the like, so it’s a great place to quickly get cheap gear.

REI Outlet

REI Outlet is REI’s discounted gear program, where they sell off their overstock at great discounts. You don’t need a membership or anything special to take part in the outlet’s discounts, though if you’re going to buy gear from REI on a regular basis, you might as well invest in the membership to take advantage of the annual “dividends,” which are really just gift cards in exchange for your excessive yearly purchases.

At REI Outlet, you can get deals that are upward of 60% off on major brands like The North Face, Outdoor Research, and Prana, just be conscious of the fact that sizes and styles are limited, so you’ll need to act fast!

Used Gear Websites & Programs

If, after trying discounted gear websites and pro purchase programs, you still can’t find the gear you want, your next best bet is to look for used gear. While used outdoor gear might sound kind of gross, buying or trading for used gear is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment while giving new life to a piece of gear that’s still ready for hundreds of miles of adventure on the trail, all at a great price.

Here are some awesome places to pick up used gear.

Patagonia Worn Wear

patagonia worn vs outdoor prolink

Patagonia, for all intents and purposes, is an industry leader in the used gear movement. With their new Worn Wear program, you can buy and sell used Patagonia gear at great prices, all through a brand you trust. Plus, you can also send your gear in to get repaired. What could be better?

Outdoor Gear Exchange

Outdoor Gear Exchange is a massive outdoor gear store in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont, that specializes in consignment of used gear. Through their website, you can buy new and used gear at substantial discounts and even check the status of your in-store consignment items so you can get that new gear as soon as possible.


eBay is the old stalwart of the used gear industry. Although there are plenty of better options out there today, eBay is where buying used stuff online all started, so it’s worth a mention. These days, you can still find great deals on all sorts of gear on eBay, but, for your protection, we don’t recommend purchasing any life-saving equipment (e.g. climbing ropes and gear, PFDs) through eBay, just clothes, packs, and the like.

REI Used Gear

outdoor prolink alternatives

REI Used Gear

REI is one of the world’s largest outdoor gear retailers and they have recently gotten into the used gear market with their REI Used Gear website. There, you can buy and sell used gear for a great price, extending the life of your gear and keeping it out of a landfill. That’s pretty awesome.

The Gear Room

Similar to Outdoor Gear Exchange, The Gear Room is an online consignment shop with a real storefront located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. On their website, you can buy plenty of great used gear all at a discounted price. The Gear Room specializes in skis and snowboards, so it’s a good place to pick up new winter gear before the snow starts to fall!

Gear Trade

Gear Trade is like the eBay of the outdoor world, where you can buy and sell pretty much any piece of used gear you can think of. You do have to make an account to finalize a purchase, but basically, Gear Trade is just a mediator between you and the seller of the used gear. It’s a great way to find used gear on the cheap, so it’s worth checking out.


Oh, Facebook. People have been trying to sell used things online since the internet became a big thing, so it should come as no surprise that Facebook is one of the top mediums for buying and selling used outdoor gear. 

If you’re looking to use Facebook to buy and sell used gear, you’ll probably want to join a “gear swap” group in your area. These groups are popular in mountain towns and cities where there are plenty of people looking to make money or buy gear on the cheap.

Often, you can even save money on shipping costs by picking up the gear at a local coffee shop. Just be sure to meet up with people only in public places and to give your money over only once you’ve received the item.

Closing Thoughts on Getting Cheap Outdoor Gear

Buying outdoor gear doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience. While retail prices of some outdoor gear can be shocking, to say the least, it is possible for anyone to get good deals on quality items, if you know where to look. Our advice? Shop around before you buy. Sometimes, the best deals just take a little work, before they’re found.


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