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Pop-Up Campers Under 4000 lbs? (7 Crowd Favorites)

Pop-Up Campers Under 4000 lbs? (7 Crowd Favorites)

Pop-up campers are brilliant for those looking for a smaller (under 4000 lbs) camping trailer, without making too many compromises with the interior features. Depending on their size and weight, many pop-up campers can be towed by even the most modest of vehicles and due to their pop-up nature, they can be tucked away in small storage spaces in between trips.

Below are 7 pop-up campers weighing less than 4000 lbs that ensure comfort, functionality and affordability when compared to larger RVs.

7 pop-up campers under 4000 lbs:

1. Coachmen Viking 2308LS

GVWR: 3,223 lbs

The Coachmen Viking 2308LS is a pop-up camper ideal for families who need additional sleeping and living space without having to tow a large, bulky trailer. With two queen size beds, both at either ends of the trailer, there is room to sleep at least four and with a convertible dinette, there’s even space for friends too.

Along with the ability to sleep seven individuals, the Viking 2308LS also offers a quaint kitchen with necessary amenities in the form of a sink, two burner stove top and a three way refrigerator.

With ample storage throughout and an awning to extend the living space, this pop up camper seems a great choice for adventurers to roam wild and free without a hefty sized RV or trailer. Being the lightest pop-up camping trailer on our list, the Viking 2308LS has fantastic towability.

2. Forest River Flagstaff 425M

GVWR: 3,295 lbs

Forest River have created a pop-up camper offering an abundance of floor space, something often compromised with smaller trailers and RVs. One of the most impressive features of the Forest River Flagstaff 425M is the floor plan. It features two bed areas at either end of the camper and also a dinette slide, allowing you to make the most of the room within and slide the dinette out of the way when more space is required.

On board are all the features expected with a camping trailer from ample storage to a decent kitchen with a sink, two burner stove top and a refrigerator. The bay window adorning the kitchen allows you to make dinner watching the family outside with the stunning background of the outdoors.

The ingenuity of the Flagstaff 425M is highlighted well with a cassette toilet hidden away under the L shaped seating bench. With a power roof lift and four stabilizer jacks, you can rest easy knowing you are safe and secure inside the Flagstaff 425M. The list of marvelous features goes on with this pop-up camper from the LED lit awning, 20,000 BTU furnace, EZ reach storage trunk and even an exterior griddle.

Weighing in at less than 3,500 lbs, the Forest River Flagstaff 425M is a fantastic option for those looking for a spacious camper with all the amenities you need to live comfortably whilst making memories with friends and family on the road.

3. Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST

GVWR: 3,296 lbs

Coachmen are renowned for creating campers with functionality at the forefront and the Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST is no exception. Built on an aerodynamic E-coated tubular steel frame, this is a durable pop-up camper ready to tackle tough weather conditions and plenty of use.

With an easy set-up thanks to the Goshen lift system, you can get unpacked in no time and relax on the heated mattresses inside. Coachmen’s patented Glide-N-Lock bed system creates the perfect cozy dormers at either end of the camper. Due to the windows on all sides of the trailer, the living and walking space feels open and airy.

With beds at either end, convertible dinette, toilet/shower area and ample kitchen space, the Clipper Classic 1285SST seems like the ideal family pop-up camper. The hot water shower is in the form of a wet bath with a privacy curtain and is an impressive feature for a pop-up camper of this size.

The storage space inside is plentiful and with an external storage slide, you can bring all the adventure gear you desire on camping trips.

4. Forest River Rockwood A214HW

GVWR: 3,341 lbs

The Forest River Rockwood A214HW is an A-frame camper on the smaller side that still manages to pack a punch. The flip queen bed is a great space saving storage feature and with an EZ reach storage trunk at the front of the trailer, you don’t have to compromise in this impressive pop-up camper.

Impressively, unlike many other pop-up campers, especially those weighing less than 4,000 lbs, the Rockwood A214HW even has an interior toilet and shower – perfect for when the weather is a little unfavorable outside! Opposite the tub toilet/shower is a kitchen with a three burner stove top, sink, refrigerator and microwave.

The autumn wood interior finish creates a warm and cozy feeling within, whilst the roof vent fan and various windows allow light and air to flow through the trailer. The Rockwood A214HW has an easy, stress free set up with a power roof lift assist to pop-up the fiberglass roof. This time saving feature is great when you want to get set up or packed down in next to no time.

5. Aliner Expedition

GVWR: 3,500 lbs

The Expedition is Aliner’s largest model, available in several different floor plans. Depending on the floor plan, you can find multi use features such as a convertible dinette, sofa bed or large lift up bed with hidden storage underneath. Having these floor plan options allows you to create the perfect Aliner Expedition tailored to your needs.

The generous kitchen has a two burner stove top, sink, microwave and three way refrigerator and once matched with the roomy dinette, the interior becomes the ideal social space. In each of the available floor plans of the Aliner Expedition is a cassette toilet, tucked neatly away underneath the bench seat.

With a hot water heater and an outside shower, it’s easy to get cleaned off after a long day hiking and with both A/C and heating within, you can either get toasty or stay cool throughout the night.

6. Trail Manor 2518 Series

GVWR: 3,595 lbs

The Trail Manor 2518 is a pop-up camper available in three different floor plans, each altering the seating and sleeping layout to accommodate more or less people. Built on a steel frame, this pop up camper is durable, reliable and is fast becoming one of Trail Manor’s most popular models.

The interior is fresh and modern with marble look counter tops, LED interior lights and fanned ceiling vents. A common issue with pop-up trailers is their often difficult setup, however, the Trail Manor 2518 has Torsion Lift Technology which aids in both the set up and pack down of the trailer, taking no time at all.

The smart design of the pop-up means you are able to open out the trailer, regardless of the weather and avoid getting anything wet inside. With a 20 gallon freshwater tank, 30 gallon gray water tank and 6 gallon water heater, you can relax knowing you at least have some of the comforts of home away with you on camping trips!

7. Opus Camper OP4

GVWR: 4,200 lbs

For those looking for a modern, futuristic yet luxurious pop-up camper, the Opus Camper OP4 seems to tick all the boxes. The setup of the OP4 is outstanding, using air beam technology that with the touch of a button, allows the camper to inflate in less than 5 minutes. To ensure longevity and durability, Opus have used triple layer technology to ensure you can rely on the OP4 regardless of the weather.

The OP4 is a fantastic option for those wanting to travel far and wide off the beaten path and even remain off grid for several days at a time. The all terrain chassis and independent coil suspension of the OP4 mean there are no restrictions in terms of destination.

With solar power options available on top of the 3-4 day built in battery life, you can keep topped up with power and the 40 gallons of water on board ensure you can keep clean and hydrated too! One of the many unique features of the Opus Camper OP4 is the exterior kitchen with a 12v fridge/freezer, 4 burner stove top, sink and dish rack.

Having the kitchen outside not only allows you to connect with nature better, but also opens up the interior for other features such as the large U-shaped dinette, cassette toilet and bed arrangements. Although the OP4 is the heaviest pop-up camper in our list, it still only weighs just over 4,000 lbs and remains easy to tow and pack away when not in use.


What is the lightest pop-up camper made?

The current lightest pop-up camper available is the Sylvan Sport Go. Weighing in at less than 850 lbs, it can be towed by many different types and sizes of vehicles. As the Sylvan Sport GO has a roof and gear deck, you can bring various adventure gear such as kayaks and paddle boards on trips without encroaching on any of the internal space.

Although the large bed has the ability to sleep four, this is not the ideal camper for those wanting the comforts of a kitchen, shower, lounge and separate sleeping area whilst out on the road.

How much does a 10ft pop-up camper weigh?

The average weight of a pop-up camper is around 2,000 lbs, however, this can vary a lot depending on the overall size and features included in the trailer. For example, Jayco’s 10ft camping trailers weigh around 1,400 lbs but this is likely to change from brand to brand.

What are the disadvantages of a pop up camper?

Pop-up campers are a fantastic creation for those on a space and financial budget, however, they also come with various disadvantages such as the often long, strenuous and frustrating setup and pack down. As pop-up campers have movable parts they are more prone to issues and seals can often become loose and create a moist environment perfect for mold and mildew.

Along with modest interior space, many pop-up campers do not have a bathroom or even a cassette toilet, this can be a large disadvantage when traveling out on the open road.

Do pop up campers have bathrooms?

Some pop-up campers have bathrooms or at least a cassette toilet, however, there are plenty of pop-up campers that come with neither of these. Instead of having a full cubicle inside, many pop-up campers have a wet bath system where a cassette toilet is effectively within a shower tub and a shower curtain is used for privacy in place of solid walls.

Many pop-up campers that do not have interior showers will often have hot water heaters and an exterior shower instead.

Closing Thoughts

It really is hard to come across a pop-up camper weighing less than 4,000 lbs with the ingenuity of the Opus Camper OP4. When traveling, I don’t want to feel like I can’t get to a location simply because of the vehicle I’m driving or the trailer I’m towing.

With mud tires, dual coil shock absorbers and an all terrain chassis, Opus clearly built the OP4 for adventure and the growing popularity of the OP4 signifies they’re most definitely on the right track.

Another great feature of the OP4 is the exterior kitchen as it not only gets you spending more time outdoors for the true camping experience, but also opens up the inside and leaves plenty of space for socializing and living comfortably in a home away from home.


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