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What is the Largest Roof Top Tent?

What is the Largest Roof Top Tent?

Roof top tents can be set up in minutes and they allow you to camp anywhere while sleeping comfortably off the ground. However, they can be quite cramped if you are especially tall or if you want to bring the whole family on a camping trip.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research and come up with a list of the ten largest roof top tents that are currently available. With these huge tents, you can bring the whole crew!

The 10 largest roof top tents, in order of sleeping footprint size:

1. GentleTent GT Sky Loft



Sleeping Footprint: 79 x 134 inches (10,586 square inches)

GentleTent is an Austrian company that makes what they claim is the largest roof top tent in the world, a fact that I can’t dispute after exhaustively searching for giant RTTs. This thing is absolutely massive, with floor panels that fold out in both directions and – get this – inflatable tubes that give it structure. Fortunately, the Sky Loft comes with a 12V air compressor to make the inflation quick and easy. 

The tent can be divided into two separate rooms and even features a large skylight on one side. There are doors on either end of the tent so you can set up two ladders for separate entrances. It’s fully waterproof with an included rain cover, and stands up well to wind and storms.

This tent is designed to work on two or even three roof rack systems depending on which direction you mount it, but since it’s inflatable, it only weighs about 108 pounds and can be mounted on most vehicles.

2. Treeline Outdoors Redwood Constellation



Sleeping Footprint: 88 x 95 inches (8,360 square inches)

This Canadian-made product is a more traditional soft shell roof top tent, with no inflatable parts. It features an aluminum base, thick and rugged canvas walls, and two ladders for ease of entry and exit. It’s not quite as big as the Sky Loft, but it’s still pretty huge, with enough room to sleep four or five people comfortably.

It’s got three screened windows with roll-away awnings, two PVC skylights that won’t frost over, and storage pouches built inside and underneath the tent. 

This tent is also Goal Zero solar ready, so you can hook up your equipment to power lights, charge your phone, and so forth. The Redwood Constellation weighs 231 pounds, so it’s best suited for mid-sized SUVs, trucks, and vans. You can also add a Redwood Annex (sold separately) for even more room.

3. Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mount Denali

(photo: @se7enoverland)


Sleeping Footprint: 87 x 96 inches (8,352 square inches)

Next up is the Mount Denali RTT from Cascadia Vehicle Tents. This tent also features dual ladders and two separate rooms, as well as an annex that provides a ton of extra space. It’s got skylights, windows with awnings, and an extended rainfly option that lets you enter your tent while protected from rain and other elements.

I spoke with Jason (@se7enoverland) about his Mount Denali Summit. He said he upgraded from a smaller CVT tent to the Mount Denali in order to fit his whole family. The pros for him included that it could fit two adults and three kids, the fact that it has two ladders, and that the annex space can be used for changing or eating.

He also mentioned that the tent has been good in cold weather in his experience. Jason’s only con for this tent is that it’s quite heavy, which makes it challenging to get it on and off the vehicle.

Featured image (top of article) credit: Jason @se7enoverlander

4. 23Zero Walkabout 87



Sleeping Footprint: 87 x 96 inches (8,352 square inches)

The Walkabout 87 features an alloy frame, an insulated floor, and all-metal hardware for durability. The ripstop polycotton canvas has light suppression technology, so you won’t be woken up as soon as the sun rises and it keeps the interior of the tent 20% cooler even in direct sunlight.

The tent comes with a 3-inch foam mattress that has a comfortable cotton top and a waterproof base, which means you don’t need an anti-condensation mat.

This tent can sleep five or more people and is designed for four-season use. It weighs 198 pounds, so it is only suitable for larger vehicles with higher weight ratings. It has an optional annex that’s sold separately, like many of the other tents on this list. It’s also protected by a two-year warranty.

5. Eezi-Awn T-Top Xklusiv



Sleeping Footprint: 87 x 96 inches (8,352 square inches)

Eezi-Awn is a South African country that has been a leader in the RTT niche for many years. Their T-Top Xklusiv tent comes with an annex that slides into place and seamlessly adds an extra room. The annex walls are made to height, so you can be sure that they will fit with how you’ve mounted your tent.

All the windows and doors have mosquito nets as well as opaque privacy panels. This tent also features an integrated bungee system that helps with packing away the tent by holding in the canvas walls as you close it down, which can help save time since you won’t have to walk around your vehicle shoving the fabric into place.

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6. Freespirit Recreation High Country 80” Premium



Sleeping Footprint: 80 x 98 inches (7,840 square inches)

This RTT has an interesting design feature that most tents don’t include, which is telescoping support legs to help evenly distribute the weight. That way, if you mount this tent centered on a vehicle’s roof, when it’s folded out the open side will be supported by the legs, giving you more stability.

This tent also features giant windows on all sides that give you epic 360-degree views, and it’s got a built-in LED light. Plus, there’s a skylight built into the awning that protects the main door so you can stargaze easily.

The High Country 80” Premium is designed to be used with a full-size SUV or truck and can sleep three to five people. It’s constructed with tri-layer technology which means that it will keep you warm on cold nights but also remain comfortable in the warmer summer months. The easy set-up process can be completed in 60 seconds or less.

7. Overland Pros Anza 2000



Sleeping Footprint: 79 x 96 inches (7,584 square inches)

The Anza 2000 is designed so that spring rods aren’t necessary for the windows and doors, which makes the set-up process super simple and quick. The front and rear walls can open up for maximum airflow and epic views, or you can zip them closed for warmth and privacy.

The tent is designed to be waterproof on its own, but it comes with a separate rainfly as well for added protection against inclement weather and as an extra layer of insulation.

There is an optional annex available for the Anza 2000 (sold separately) that features large windows for airflow there as well. The tent also has peak loops on the outside so you can hang laundry or solar panels outside for the best possible sun exposure.

8. Hannibal Tourer Canvas Tent



Sleeping Footprint: 79 x 94 inches (7,426 square inches)

The Australian-made Hannibal Tourer RTT comes standard with an annex that has two windows, a large doorway, and a durable PVC vinyl floor, plus a zip-out panel that allows you to access your vehicle. It also comes with a rainfly that goes past the doorway to prevent any rain from getting into your tent. 

The tent itself is made from 380gsm polycotton ripstop canvas and it comes with a high-density foam mattress and an aluminum ladder with flat treads for easy climbing. The whole tent can be set up in just minutes. Hannibal designed this tent with remote, off-road travel in mind, so you know it’s going to be durable and rugged.

9. Tuff Stuff Overland Elite

Tuff Stuff Elite



Sleeping Footprint: 77 x 96 inches (7,392 square inches)

The Elite is the largest RTT that Tuff Stuff Overland offers, and it’s designed to sleep four or five people. An included annex with a PVC floor can sleep another four people on ground level. This tent features a removable divider wall, two doors, and two ladders. The retractable ladders can be folded away when not in use to provide more room in the annex.

The tent comes with a rainfly and the three screened windows have awnings to prevent rain from blowing inside and keep you shaded and cool on hot summer days. Upper air vents allow hot air to escape as well.

The tent is constructed of high-quality windproof polycotton ripstop canvas and all the seams are taped to prevent moisture from leaking in. The driving cover is made out of heavy-duty black PVC and is designed so that it zips on three sides and slides into the tent base on the fourth side for easy packing and unpacking.

10. Wild Coast Tents Big Sky



Sleeping Footprint: 76 x 96 inches (7,296 square inches)

The Big Sky comes with an annex that encloses the ladder so you can keep the inside of your tent dry and cozy, even in the worst weather. It features a large mesh skylight with a panel that zips in place to block out light or provide privacy. You can opt to purchase separately a solid rainfly that blocks out the skylight if you prefer only to use it for airflow.

Inside the tent, there’s a built-in LED light strip and a pocket to hold your personal items.

The tent has a spreader bar that can be used to help maintain its structure in very rainy or windy conditions or under a heavy snow load. Gear bags can be hung underneath the tent for additional storage. The Big Sky also utilizes a bungee system to help you quickly and easily pack it away.


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