Roof Top Tents

best 3 person roof top tent

Best 3 Person Roof Top Tent? (10 Overlanding Favorites)

Roof top tents (RTTs) are an excellent way to elevate (both literally and figuratively) your camping experience. In an RTT, you do not have to sleep on the potentially uneven or uncomfortable ground, you are out of reach of wild animals and creepy crawlies, and you can enjoy a killer […]

best 5 person roof top tent

Best 5 Person Roof Top Tent? (Top 10 Picks)

Roof top tents (RTTs) provide an easy, quick, and comfortable camping option. They keep you off the hard ground and out of reach of unwanted animal and reptile visitors, and they provide stunning views. While it’s unlikely that you can fit five adults into an RTT comfortably (and honestly, why […]

best 6 person roof top tent

Best 6 Person Roof Top Tent? (10 Family Favorites)

With a roof top tent (RTT), you can enjoy all the positive aspects of tent camping without many of the associated negatives. The tent can be set up easily in minutes, you won’t be sleeping on the cold hard ground, you’re out of reach of creepy crawlies, you can enjoy […]

do rooftop tents get stolen

Do Rooftop Tents Get Stolen?

Rooftop tents are becoming more popular now due to their size, mobility, and convenience. People also love rooftop tents because these tents are a cheaper alternative to recreational vehicles (RVs). These rooftops can be quite expensive, ranging from $2,500 to $4,000 each per piece — fortunately, they are sturdy and […]

How Long Does It Take To Set Up a Rooftop Tent?

For those who have never used a rooftop tent in your life and are thinking of getting one, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s going to take a long time to get your tent set up. Will it be awkward and clunky because […]

do i need a roof rack for a roof top tent

Do I Need a Roof Rack for a Roof Top Tent?

Roof top tents (RTTs) have been exploding in popularity recently since they allow you to camp anywhere that your vehicle can go while keeping you cozy and safely off the ground. However, you can’t just purchase a RTT and throw it on your sedan and hope for the best – […]

cheapest roof top tents

Cheapest Roof Top Tents? (8 Affordable Favorites)

Roof top tents (RTTs) are amazing for camping comfortably even while exploring rugged and remote areas, but they can be very expensive. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the most affordable options available today and talked to some RTT owners about their tents and how to shop for inexpensive choices. […]

what is the largest roof top tent

What is the Largest Roof Top Tent?

Roof top tents can be set up in minutes and they allow you to camp anywhere while sleeping comfortably off the ground. However, they can be quite cramped if you are especially tall or if you want to bring the whole family on a camping trip. Fortunately, we’ve done the […]