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What is the Lightest 20-ft Travel Trailer? (6 crowd favorites)

What is the Lightest 20-ft Travel Trailer? (6 crowd favorites)

A 20-ft travel trailer is typically around 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. Is there a way you could balance weight and space to achieve the best of both worlds? We certainly believe so, which is why we dived into the travel trailer market in order to find one. 

We all know that the features and amenities within a trailer will contribute to its dry weight (the weight of the trailer and features), so will a lightweight trailer mean one that’s just the bare bones? Let’s find out. 

There are many lightweight 20-ft trailers, but this is the lightest one we could find on the market as of now.

Top 6 Lightest 20-ft Travel Trailers:

1. Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser

You can take your pick between the Gulf Stream Vintage and Vista cruisers each with 11-floor plans with the lightest one from both weighing in at only 2,567 pounds!

Let’s start with the Vintage Cruiser, which manages to fit in an overhead storage compartment over the double bed, a bathroom, a small kitchenette and dinette with overhead storage, and a refrigerator!

That is a lot of stuff packed into a 20-ft in length and 7.6-ft width trailer. The Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser gets its name due to the retro throwback interiors. It features an overall wooden design with a few bright-color accents. Of course, you have some say in interior design. 

2. Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser

We then have the Vista Cruiser from Gulf Stream with the same measurements as the Vintage, and much of the same specs and features as well.

The layout for the 2,567-pound trailer is also the same as the Vintage Cruiser, providing enough space and amenities to live comfortably for a while.

NOTE: Approximately 2,500-pounds is considered very lightweight for a 20-ft trailer, which many consider to be medium to full-size depending on how many people intend on traveling.

If you’re not sold on the Gulf Stream options, here are some more lightweight 20-ft trailer models for you.

3. Coachmen Apex Nano 16R and 185BH

The Apex Nano from Coachmen has a model that’s just shy of 20 ft at 19.7 ft. It’s the 16R but it has a limited production as of now. If you’re considering this one, it only weighs in at 2,860 pounds.

If we want to abide by our 20-ft limit, then the 185BH model weighs in at 3,406. This model comes equipped with bunks, a double bed, a small dinette, a small bathroom with a toilet, and tub/shower, plus a very small kitchenette. 

The Coachmen Apex Nano line also features many other options on their site that exceed 20 ft by only a bit that are lightweight as well for consideration.

4. Forest River Wolf Pup and Rockwood Geo Pro

Forest River also has two options that make it onto our list. The Wolf Pup is an option that is just short of 20 ft, measuring in at 19.3 ft.

The dry weight is only 2,884, and it has a modern interior that features most of what you would want including a queen bed, dinette, bathroom, and kitchenette.

The Rockwood Geo Pro is the trailer option from Forest River that meets the 20-ft standard at 20.2-ft. The dry weight of the Rockwood Geo Pro is just 3,433 pounds.

The interior has a bit more to offer than the Wolf Pup. In addition to everything the Wolf Pup has but upgraded, it also offers a flip-up seat and a ramp door. 

5. Prime Time Avenger 16BH

From Prime Time Manufacturing, we have the Avenger 16Bh, which has an exterior length of 20.7-ft and an impressive weight of only 3,033 pounds.

Although it’s slightly larger than many of the models we have mentioned so far, Prime Time manages to keep the 16BH’s weight down, even below some smaller trailers.

Don’t worry, you won’t be giving up your creature comforts as the trailer still has the basics. You can find bunk beds and a regular bed, which already sleeps more than the average lightweight trailer, a dinette, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a small kitchenette. 

What sets the Prime Time Avenger 16BH apart from the rest is the presence of a nightstand, which is very convenient to keep items reachable. 

6. Winnebago Hike H170S, H171DB, H172BH

The Winnebago Hike line of trailers has 3 options close to the 20-ft mark – the H170S, H171DB, and the H172BH.

The exterior length of all three models is exactly the same at 20.75 ft. What makes them different from each other is the dry weight, which is 3,502, 3,598, and 3,596 respectively. 

Let’s start with the H170S, which is quite roomy and the layout doesn’t feel super packed. There is enough legroom in the bathroom with adequate space between the toilet and the sink and shower.

The H170S also features a pantry next to the wardrobe, which we found to be very beneficial.

The rest of the unit is pretty standard with a bed, kitchenette complete with sink, stove, refrigerator and microwave, and a small dinette.

The H171DB is similar in what it offers inside to the H170S, but the layout is different. The dinette and bathroom switch places and the pantry and wardrobe are no longer next to each other. The bathroom is also not as roomy as the H170S.

Lastly, the H172BH has much of the same things as the previous two, the layout once again changes and we see the bed and the dinette swap places and an additional pull-out cooktop outside.


Final Thoughts

As it turns out, you can very much balance weight and size in travel trailers. While we understand the need to go compact, there is no debate that more space to maneuver is definitely not a drawback.

Yes, larger trailers are more expensive, but if you look for one that’s lightweight, you will most likely not have any trouble towing it along while being fuel-economical. 


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