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What Is the Smallest Class B RV with a Bathroom?

What Is the Smallest Class B RV with a Bathroom?

A camper van, or Class B RV, has exploded in popularity throughout the last decade and it is not hard to see why. These compact camper vans have most of the amenities that can be found in larger RVs, but come at half the price and is accessible to anyone with a regular driver’s license.

You may wonder what can fit inside these tiny RVs, and you might be surprised to learn that some of them have full kitchens and bathrooms. Continue reading further to learn more about Class B RVs and which of the smallest ones come with a complete bathroom setup. 

What is a Camper Van?

A camper van, technically called a Class B recreational vehicle, is the tiniest type of recreational vehicle for sale on the camper market today. A Class B RV is a kind of sprinter, cargo, or panel van that’s been stripped to its shell and converted into a sleeping camper. In 1970 Mercedes Benz created the Sprinter van, and there has been a camper van revival over the last 10 years.

The recent popularity of the camper van can be tied directly to the rise of the internet and social media. Influencers, bloggers, bloggers, small families, and single people have all seemingly jumped on the camper van craze. With their cheap gas, ease of use, and no special requirements to drive one, it is easy to see why people love them.

Two Kinds of RV Bathrooms

There are two main kinds of restrooms that can be built into a small RV or camper van. These are either wet baths or dry baths. A wetbath is a bathroom that contains everything you would need in a bathroom and shower. They usually have a sink, shower, and toilet all together.

Many Class B RVs feature a built-in wet bath to provide more space in other areas, especially in camper vans. The basic setup of most wet baths is a square space where the shower portion is connected to the restroom wall panels, while doubling the space and sharing it with a sink and toilet.

A drybath, on the other hand, is unlike a wet bath. The toilet, shower, and sink are all located in separate regions of the camper van in a dry bath. Dry bathrooms are most commonly found in larger RVs because tiny campers need the space for other things.

What is the smallest Class B with a Bathroom?

The smallest camper van on the market today that features a bathroom is the Interstate 19 model by Airstream. The Interstate 19 comes fully equipped with a wet bath that includes many features not found in other camper vans.

The wet bath in the Airstream includes a toilet, shower, and sink. Other amenities include a built-in shampoo and conditioning station, body wash station, and a clothesline. Because the Interstate 19 is so small, Airstream made the bathroom more efficient by including double-duty items. The showerhead is also the faucet, the mirror swivels to use outside of the bath and there’s even a waterproof toilet paper cover.

Airstream Interstate 19 Price

It is easy to fall in love with the Airstream Interstate 19 and its wet bath. However, the Interstate 19 comes with a gut-wrenching price tag of $200,000. Even the most basic model will cost around $191,000.

This is certainly a lofty price for a camper van and it seems that Airstream is mainly relying on their reputation, albeit a good one, to ask and fetch a price like this. If the Interstate 19 is out of your price range, no worries, there are plenty of small Class B RVs with full bathrooms and a far less price tag attached.

Keep reading to learn more about other camper vans with full bathrooms that compare to the Interstate 19 in size but are much more affordable to a mass population.

Winnebago Revel

Another tiny camper van with a full bathroom included is the Winnebago Revel. Like Airstream, the Winnebago company has staked a claim and good reputation in the world of RVs. At only 2 inches longer than the Interstate 19, the Revel is the main competitor to the Airstream.

The wet bath in the Revel pulls a double-duty function in this small camper van. This compact RV bathroom includes a 31′′x26′′ wet bath with an adjustable showerhead, shower curtain, removable shelving, retractable clothesline, swiveling cassette toilet, and motorized roof vent.

The Winnebago Revel compares in price to the Airstream with brand new models having an asking price of $191,000. While slightly less expensive than the Airstream, this camper van is not accessible to most people seeking to purchase a camper van.

Coachmen Nova

Cutting our hefty price tag in half at $121,000 is the Coachmen Nova. This newer camper van gives an additional foot of length to fit its large wet bath and other cool amenities inside. Making the most of the tiny space the Coachmen Nova uses a cassette toilet and fiberglass shower to protect the interior space.

The Coachmen Nova sets itself apart from the competition with a more affordable price and three entire beds, two twins and a full, inside the van. This makes it a great choice for those with small families that want to get on the road.


Pleasure Way Plateau TS

The Pleasure Way Plateau TS is the next size camper van on our list with a full wet bath. This small RV is almost 23 feet in length and makes room for the largest wet bath of any camper van. At a base price of $119,000, this is the cheapest Class B RV with a roomy bathroom.

This camper van bathroom features a full-sized medicine cabinet, towel rack, china bowl sink, handheld showerhead, and extra storage for supplies inside the bathroom. It also features a clothesline and swivel mirror for a more luxurious feel.

Unlike some other small camper vans, the Pleasure Way Plateau TS stands out for its large bathroom and almost 360-degree window views throughout the rig. For those looking for a lower-priced, entry-level camper van, the Pleasure Way Plateau TS is a great option.


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