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What Tents can I Put a Stove In? (5 backcountry favorites)

What Tents can I Put a Stove In? (5 backcountry favorites)

What if I told you that the start of winter didn’t have to mean the end of overnight trips in the backcountry. Heating a tent with a stove and fire is not a new concept. Humans have been relying on fire inside shelters to cook and heat with for hundreds of years.

The creation of lightweight and fire-retardant materials means that you can have a stove inside a tent. This will provide you with a great source of warmth, will help you beat condensation, and allows you to dry out wet gear.

What tents can I put a stove in? Tents with a stove jack are suitable for use with a stove. The stove jack prevents the surrounding tent material from catching alight. Cabelas Alaknak Outfitter tent, the Yurtent 5-man bell tent, and the Preself T2 hot tent are some of the best tents with stove jacks. Read on to find out our recommendations for the best tents with stove jacks. 

Our 5 favorite tents you can put a stove in:

OneTigris Tegimen Hammock Hot Tent

The OneTigiris Tegimen offers a unique design, in that the hot tent is designed to be used with a hammock. It is made from 70D nylon fabric, which makes it lightweight and waterproof. If you regularly use a hammock while backcountry camping, then the OneTigirs could be one of the best tents with a stove jack for you.

The tent is a roomy square shape that measures 6 feet 2 inches tall, 6 feet 6 inches wide and 12 feet 5 inches long. These dimensions give you a large, protected living space allowing you to store a lot of gear. There is no built-in floor, so you may want to use a ground sheet under the tent. The total weight of 6.8 lbs makes this one of the lighter options on this list, perfect for backcountry adventures.

The OneTigris actually has two built-in stove jacks. This provides you with the opportunity to use different pipe configurations. One jack is on the side wall of the tent, and the other on the roof. Both are situated on the same side of the tent and close to each other.

This hot tent is an affordable option, at just over $200. The tent comes with a stuff sack, 14 tarp pegs, 6 9-foot guy lines, and 4 20-foot guy lines. The tent comes with everything you need to pitch it straight out of the box.

Reinforced tie down points will help the tent withstand wind and stormy conditions. These points are found along the base of the tent and at the junction of the wall and roof. The YKK zippers are strong and long lasting.

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Cabela’s Alaknak Outfitter Tent

Cabela’s Alaknak outfitter tent is a palatial hot tent and without a doubt one of the best tents with a stove jack if you like space and luxury. The tent is made from 250D polyester with a polyurethane coating to provide waterproofing. This tent is perfect for anyone who is going to spend multiple nights in the backcountry.

The 12 feet by 12 feet dimensions provide ample space for multiple people, and the 9 feet 8 inches interior height gives an impressive amount of head room. This tent has a built-in floor, providing additional protection from the elements. It is reasonably heavy, at 67 lbs. but this is a trade off for the extra space you get.

The Alaknak stove jack is built into the roof of the tent and has a roll away storm cover if you need to close the jack hole. It has several great design features starting with the cover over the front entrance to the tent. This small porch prevents rain or snow for getting into the tent as you enter and exit.

The tent also has a rooftop vent, along with multiple side vents with built-in rain fly. This allows you to ventilate the tent if it gets too warm, or for summer use. The interior of the tent also has shelves on the sidewall, providing off the floor storage space.

The tent comes with everything you need to pitch it, that is steel stakes and guy ropes along with a storage bag. It certainly isn’t the cheapest tent with a stove jack on this list, at $899. However, the Alaknak is packed with smart features that make it worth the price tag.

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Preself T2 Lightweight Hot Tent

 The Preself T2 is a fantastic budget friendly option for a tent with a stove jack. It offers all the basic necessities for use as a winter hot tent, without the wallet crushing price.

The teepi style tent is suitable for one or two person use if you have a lot of gear. Its maximum interior height is 7 feet 3 inches with a diameter of 13 feet. This provides ample room for you to lay out your sleeping equipment and store gear.

The total weight of 6 lbs. makes this one of the best tents with a stove jack for backpacking. It is made of lightweight material and could easily be stowed in a backpack or towed on a pulk or sled.

The removable stove jack sits high on the side wall of the tent, which is a standard location. One of the best features about this tent is the skirt which can be secured down to prevent a draft. This will help you retain heat during those long winter nights.

The Preself T2 includes the teepi outer, 12 stakes, 4 guy ropes, the interior pole, and the stove jack. This is the cheapest hot tent on this list, coming in at under $200. If you are looking for a lightweight hot tent, or are on a budget, then the Preself is perfect for you.

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Playdo Canvas Bell Tent

The Playdo canvas bell tent is one of the best tents with a stove jack if you are looking for something more robust and heavy duty. Canvas is a more rugged material which will stand up well to regular use, but it is heavier.

This tent varies in size from 9 feet 8 inches to 23 feet in diameter. The smallest size weighs in at 42 lbs. and the largest a hefty 132 lbs. This is where you have to decide what you want from your hot tent. If you like to travel long distances in the backcountry, then a lightweight tent may be better suited to you. A heavy canvas tent like this is better if you can transport it using a vehicle.

The size determines the price, which starts at a reasonable $170 and climbs to over $1,000 for the largest model. All models are made with 300 gsm canvas that has been treated to make it waterproof.

The Playdo tent comes with a host of smart design features, like its screen windows, roof top vents and a rain cap. The built-in stove jack sits lower down on the roof of the tent and has a 5” diameter hole.

This tent comes with a built-in floor, which not all hot tents have. This helps insulate you from the cold and protect you from wet snow. Overall, this hot tent is a great choice if you need a larger living space or a more robust material.

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Yurtent Bell Tent

The Yurtent bell tent is another canvas hot tent similar to the Playdo hot tent. It is made of 280 gsm canvas that is fire retardant and water repellent. This tent is another great example of a robust hot tent if you need something spacious and hard wearing. This is not the best tent for backpackers who are conscious of weight.

The Yutent bell tent is available in one fixed size, which is 16 feet 4 inches in diameter. This provides ample space for up to 4 people with room for gear storage. The total height of this tent is 9 feet 9 inches giving you plenty of headroom.

The tent weighs in at nearly 80 lbs. which is one of the downsides to canvas. Compared to the Playdo hot tent, the Yurtent is a more affordable price, at $700, but it still isn’t as cheap as some of the lightweight options.

The Yurtent has a host of great design features making it one of the best canvas tents with a stove jack. It features a built in 5-inch stove jack, four roof vents, side windows and a built in PVC floor. The heavy canvas will also help retain heater better than a thin synthetic hot tent, for extreme cold weather a heavier duty tent like this will perform better.

The stove jack sits in a similar place to the Playdo tent, located lower down on the roof near the main door. The more competitive pricing could edge this tent ahead of the Playdo hot tent. However, its lighter weight canvas will mean it isn’t as hard wearing.

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Can you put a stove in a nylon tent?

Yes, you can. Provided the tent is designed with a suitable stove jack. The Preself T2 and the OneTigris Tegimen are some of the best nylon tents with stove jacks. Many nylon hot tents are treated with chemicals that make the material fire retardant. However, they will still melt if direct flame or sparks touch the tent.

How do you keep a tent stove burning all night?

It is not always a good idea to leave a stove burning unattended at night, in case of accidents. If you wish to keep your tent stove burning all night you will need a good supply of wood, which you should gather during the day. It is also necessary to have someone wake up regularly to check the fire and stoke it with more wood.

Where does the stove go in a bell tent?

Typically, the manufacturer of the tent will place the stove jack in a fixed point, leaving you little choice to decide where the stove should go. Most stove jacks are located to one side of the door along the side of the tent. This uses dead space, as nearest the door will be a cold area of the tent.

However, if your tent doesn’t come with a stove jack and you are going to add one later. Test the stove in various positions with your regular furniture to determine where the best location is for you.

What is the best canvas tent with a stove jack?

The Yurtent bell tent is a fantastic canvas tent with a stove jack. It is spacious and well designed to give you years of use. However, it is only available in one size. If the 16 foot version seems too big or small, then I would recommend the Playdo bell tent as it comes in a wider variety of sizes.

Can I use a hot tent while backpacking?

Yes, you can. Nylon tents with stove jacks are perfectly suited to backpacking. If you want to plan an overnight trip in the backcountry during winter, consider a lightweight tent that will keep you warm. The Preself T2 is a great example of a lightweight tent with a stove jack. Weighing only 6 lbs you could easily transport this tent and a small stove in your backpack or on a sled.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it, our recommendations for the best tents with stove jacks. The right hot tent for you depends on what you want to use it for. In my opinion the Yurtent bell tent is a great choice for a tent with a stove jack. While it is heavy and relatively expensive, a roomy tent like this will be cozy and comfortable on the coldest winter nights. The classic style of a bell tent is also very appealing, and they are great for larger groups.


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