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Best Electric Camper Vans in the United States? (7 top picks)

Best Electric Camper Vans in the United States? (7 top picks)

Although electric cars and vans are becoming more frequent on our roads, electric RVs are still a fairly new concept. However, the gap in the market is beginning to be filled with electric concept vehicles and custom conversions transforming the face of the RV world.

We’ve managed to find the 7 top picks for the best electric camper vans for the eco conscious travelers in the US or those simply wanting to reduce their carbon footprint whilst out on the road.

7 best electric camper vans in the United States:

1. Winnebago e-RV Camper Van

Winnebago are known for creating durable campers many travelers have relied on for years. They now, however, have recognized the importance of lowering our impact on the planet and have created an all-electric concept allowing adventure seekers to travel far and wide with sustainability values at heart.

This Winnebago e-RV concept vehicle not only has zero emissions, but also features planet friendly materials in the interior such as recycled cork-rubber flooring. Built on the familiar Ford Transit chassis, the e-RV camper is an innovative creation sure to transform the RV industry by helping to reduce our impact on nature, one camping voyage at a time.

With various battery charging options such as at home, campgrounds and charging stations, you can relax knowing you have back up charging options if one isn’t available. At high current electric charging points, the vehicle charge time is less than 60 minutes, meaning you won’t be waiting for several hours to get powered back up.

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2. THOR Vision Camper Van

With a futuristic, sleek aesthetic and comfortable design, the THOR Vision Camper Van concept promises a home away from home with key sustainability features. A common worry with electric vehicles is the potential to run out of power and not be near a charge point. THOR have solved this issue with an impressive power management digital tool that allows you to view the mileage left before a charge is needed.

On top of that, the tool also finds charging points from your phone, taking away any potential stress and risk of being left without power. This class B+ RV concept is exciting particularly for those keen to remain off grid for several days, as there’s a generous 1,500W of solar on the roof to help keep batteries charged up, even when appliances such as the air conditioning are in use.

The THOR Vision Camper Van pairs sustainability with luxury and the modern interior is the perfect example of this. Functions such as intelligent voice control, frosted glass effect privacy windows and advanced safety features are just some of the things that make this an exciting RV option, hopefully in the very near future!

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3. PacWesty eTofino Camper Van

e tofino camper van by pacwesty

The PacWesty eTofino is an adventure ready class B electric pop top camper offering space, functionality and reliability. Built on a Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, the eTofino has two sleeping areas thanks to the pop top, ample storage, convertible sofa bed and a kitchen area with a refrigerator and induction cooktop.

The interior is light and airy due to the neutral color palette and windows. The modest size of the eTofino means it’s easy to drive, park and maneuver and the pop top can be assembled in a breeze once you’ve reached your destination. The custom privacy and sun shades allow you to close up for the evening hassle free and with a comfortable sofa, you can relax in luxury.

Custom options are available from the exterior paint color to the cabinetry, allowing you to bring your personality out in the camper. With two different solar packages available, you can truly harness the sun’s energy and keep powered up for days to charge gadgets and use all the features available in the eTofino.

The DC fast charging capability of the eTofino means a top up will only take between 30 and 60 minutes, allowing you to continue on with your day in hardly any time at all.

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4. Mercedes eSprinter Camper Van

The eSprinter is an all electric Sprinter coming to the US soon and has versatile configurations from a flatbed truck to a people mover van. With companies such as Cascadevan, the idea of converting the eSprinter to a camper becomes achievable, making the eSprinter the ideal sustainable adventure machine.

The goal at Cascadevan is to create campers that not only look great, but have a great feeling inside too. Their focus on creating a harmonious but also practical environment is crucial for custom conversions and means the team can create a space that perfectly represents you and your needs.

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Each build at Cascadevan comes with a solar setup tailored to your specific energy requirements, meaning you can remain off grid and keep topped up with power. With rapid DC charging, the eSprinter can charge up to 80% in 30-120 minutes, the perfect amount of time for a lunch stop or rest during a big mile munching drive.

Mercedes Benz are known for their reliability and with an impressive 8 year or 160,000 km battery guarantee on the eSprinter, you can have peace of mind knowing your battery is covered. The Sprinter is such a distinguished model of van trusted worldwide, and now with an electric option, it’s a fantastic base van for a planet friendly camper van conversion.

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5. Ford Electric Camper Van

The US assembled Ford E-Transit van provides the ideal all electric base for a camper conversion. The E-Transit has over 100 miles of range and has the backing of the Ford Motor Company, offering the reliability expected from such a renowned name. The cab interior of the E-Transit is sleek and functional with increased leg room thanks to the innovative design of the rotary shifter in place of a standard parking lever.

The E-Transit is a great electric base van for a company such as Vandoit to convert into a camper. The team at Vandoit have the ingenuity to create campers for your tailored needs and have two designs available. By using quality materials such as high grade aluminum and marine grade materials, Vandoit create conversions with an exceptional finish.

The DO package has an open layout with a track system creating attachment points around the interior, perfect for carrying action gear such as bikes, water equipment or even an ATV. The LIV package can carry up to 8 passengers with removable modular seating and has more of a focus on comfort and practicality.

The hydraulic bed lift has the ability to change position depending on your needs, so rest assured you can create the perfect Vandoit layout for your E-Transit.

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6. VW Electric Camper Van

Volkswagen have announced, after much speculation, that the ID.Buzz, VW’s all electric vehicle, will be available as a people carrier, van or campervan. The ID.Buzz interior is modern and futuristic with touch and voice control features and paired with LED mood lighting, luxury has clearly been incorporated into the interior design.

Due to its modest size, the ID.Buzz can be driven confidently and parked with ease in the dreamiest of locations. As sustainability is at the forefront with the ID.Buzz, many of the materials on seat covers, flooring and roof lining are made from recycled ocean plastic and bottles.

VW have confirmed the ID.Buzz is suitable for camper conversions, however as VW haven’t brought a van into the US since 2003, it is unclear if the ID.Buzz camper will make it to the United States.

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7. Rivian Electric Camper Van

Along with successfully creating the world’s first electric adventure vehicle, able to tackle water, various gradients and terrain other vehicles simply cannot conquer, Rivian have now also produced custom electric delivery vans for the online giant, Amazon. Although these vans are currently unable to reserve, the electric fleet vehicles at Rivian could potentially be a great option for a camper van conversion.

With a focus on efficiency, sustainability and with 24/7 support available, it’s clear Rivian have already impressed in the electric vehicle market. By collaborating with a conversion company, the potential to create an electric camper of your dreams can be brought to life.

A stand out function of Rivian electric vehicles is regenerative braking, allowing energy to be sent to the battery during deceleration and hill descents for additional power. With key features such as ultimate driver comfort, all wheel drive system availability and two different model sizes, you can choose the Rivian electric van tailored to your desires.

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How much does the Xbus cost?

The innovative Xbus with several arrangements varying from camper van to flatbed pickups will set you back between $18,850 and $34,350. Compared to various other electric camper vans, and even RVs in general, the Xbus is a much more affordable option. With the ability to add an off road package to the Xbus, it’s a great option for those looking for versatility with a lower price tag.

The Xbus has a range with maximum battery modules over 373 miles and through solar energy and regenerative braking, it can generate up to 124 miles.

Are there any hybrid Camper Vans?

Ecocampers have a hybrid camper which uses electric motors for powering the wheels during driving and recharges the battery when the brake is applied. This energy recycling design uses energy that otherwise would not be utilized and uses less gas, making it a superb option for a hybrid campervan. Ecocampers also have a tribrid camper which uses LPG in addition to gas and electric to power the vehicle.

Is Tesla making an RV?

There isn’t yet a Tesla RV on the market, however, the innovative brains at Tesla have created the Cybertruck. When a FORM expandable box is fitted to the Cybertruck, it opens out to 71 square feet of space which along with ample storage, provides a bedroom area, small kitchen, portable toilet and shower turning the vehicle into a Cybertruck Camper.

Tesla also have the Cybertruck Cyberlandr; a pop-up overlander containing a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and office.

What electric car can you sleep in?

The most comfortable option for an electric car to sleep in is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 due to its king size cabin and adjustable front seats that almost fully recline. For added comfort, there are small footrests attached to the chairs which pop up as the chair is being reclined.

You can of course sleep in other electric vehicles such as Teslas which when ‘camp mode’ is enabled maintain cabin lighting, temperature and airflow, along they are less spacious than the Hyundai Ioniq 5.


Closing Thoughts

The options for electric camper vans are hopefully on the increase, however, as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is such a durable and reliable vehicle, the eSprinter would be my electric van of choice to convert to a camper van. Having a base van you can trust to last for many years is such an important element to think about when converting a van.

The Mercedes Sprinter has been around for decades and with many T1/TN and T2 pre Sprinter models still on the road today, I have the confidence that Mercedes Benz can continue their legacy with the eSprinter.


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