Author: Gordon Alexander

how dangerous is hiking the appalachian trail

How Dangerous is Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

The Appalachian Trail twists and turns for 2,190 miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. And it has become so popular that 3 million people a year step foot on it, in some form or another. But just how dangerous is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and what are those […]

should i carry one trekking pole or two

Should I Carry One Trekking Pole or Two?

To carry trekking poles or not is an interesting gear decision to have to make. For most situations, they are far from being an item of necessity on the trail. It really does just come down to personal preference combined with a great deal of trial and error. At the […]

is cotton good for hiking

Is Cotton Good for Hiking?

If you have hiked for long enough, you would have heard the age-old adage that cotton kills. Of course, the cotton itself won’t kill you – it is not poisonous and does not attract bears – but rather that wearing cotton can lead to hypothermia. But are there any exceptions […]

backpacking repair kit checklist

Backpacking Repair Kit: 15 Essential Items

I was recently on a multi-day hiking trip in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Six hours into the first day I snapped my sternum strap while attempting to fasten it. My backpack was heavy, and it felt much heavier now that the sternum strap was not dispersing the weight evenly. Eventually […]

best ford transit van conversion companies

10 Best Ford Transit Van Conversion Companies

When it comes to #vanlife, it is important to know that not all vans are created equally. Some vans are simply roomier and shaped more appropriately for human habitation. They offer greater reliability, more comfortable seating and have been thoughtfully built to allow potential modifications. One vehicle that ticks all […]

can you hike 20 miles a day

Can You Hike 20 Miles a Day? (Backpacking FAQs)

I can remember with complete clarity the first time I hiked 20 miles in one day. I remember because it was agony. I was not accustomed to walking this distance with weight on my back, and quite simply it ruined me. So, can you hike 20 miles a day? Yes, […]

what is the difference between fell and trail running

What is the Difference Between Fell and Trail Running?

If you thought the term “running” was good enough to cover all forms of the sport – then guess again. We have sprints, marathons, road running, cross country, trail and fell running, the last two of which are similar undertakings. So, just exactly what is the difference between fell and […]

how do i start hiking

How do I Start Hiking? 15 Simple Steps

If I told you it was possible to get fit and strengthen your legs and core while enjoying stunning scenery – would you believe me? What if I said it would improve your balance, help you to lose unwanted pounds, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood? You would […]

what can you put in a trail mix

What can you Put in a Trail Mix?

Trail mix is that wonderfully nutritious combination of foods designed to give you the energy needed to conquer the trail. However, you will quickly find that there are good things – and bad things – in store-bought products. We have found it is best to make your own trail mix […]

are trail running shoes good for road running

Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Road Running?

Trail running and road running are so fundamentally different that they could be considered entirely different sports. The smooth, hard road could not be further removed from the softer, more rugged trail. But what if you want to engage in both forms of running? First, let’s ask ourselves… Are trail […]