Author: Madeline Hirschfeld

how long does it take to run 200 miles

How Long Does it Take to Run 200 Miles? Trail Running FAQs

After completing my first couple 100-mile races last year, I started wondering, “What is next?” Some people focus on qualifying races that will get them into notorious races like Western States or Hardrock 100. My mind took a different route, and I ultimately signed up for the 2020 Bigfoot 200-mile […]

can you live full time in a truck camper

Can You Live Full Time in a Truck Camper?

After having our son, we decided now was the best time to quit our jobs and travel full time. After many discussions and looking at the logistics of living on the road, we finally made the big step of purchasing a 1996 F350 and a Palomino pop-up truck camper. We […]

how many lumens do I need for trail running

How Many Lumens do I Need for Trail Running?

Trail running at night or early in the mornings is sometimes necessary to get in a training run. Usually trail runners head out into the darkness due to their busy schedule, it offers cooler temperatures, shorter days, or they signed up for a race that involves running in pitch black. […]

best places to live for trail runners

10 Best Places to Live for Trail Runners

The United States is full of must-see destinations that offer scenic trails and routes for every trail runner. Many locations are meccas for the trail running community with plenty of options of trails nearby. Even some of these amazing places host or are nearby well-known trail running events. There are […]

cross country vs trail running differences

Cross Country vs Trail Running: What’s the Difference?

The Popularity of trail running has increased dramatically over recent years. Racers participate in events that involve a mixture of endurance, technical skills, and types of terrain. The rise in participates and racing events makes many wonder if this popularity is just a reboot of the age old event, cross […]

overland vehicle on a budget

Overland Vehicle on a Budget: Under $7,500 Spent

Before we got married, my husband and I always knew wanted to take time off to travel the United States. Our relationship started after backpacking the Grand Canyon, and we have shared a passion for the outdoors since. After our son was born, we started reflecting where we were at […]

vegan diet good for runners

8 Vegan Runners and How They Get Enough Protein

Many athletes in the ultra running community have opted for the plant-based lifestyle. Even elite runners have tested the waters of veganism and benefited tremendously. They have even gone so far as to credit their diet to their success. So, is a vegan diet good for runners? A vegan diet […]