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Best 6 Person Roof Top Tent? (10 Family Favorites)

Best 6 Person Roof Top Tent? (10 Family Favorites)

With a roof top tent (RTT), you can enjoy all the positive aspects of tent camping without many of the associated negatives. The tent can be set up easily in minutes, you won’t be sleeping on the cold hard ground, you’re out of reach of creepy crawlies, you can enjoy stunning elevated panoramic views, and an RTT offers better protection from extreme weather conditions.

While most RTTs are made for just a couple of people, there are some behemoths out there that can accommodate up to six people! However, there are a few caveats: you likely won’t be able to sleep six adults in one RTT unless you want to get VERY cozy, and even with two adults and four kids, you will likely be much more comfortable using an RTT that includes an annex where some of the group can sleep.

That being said, let’s look at some of the biggest and baddest RTTs available now.

Our top 10 best 6 person roof top tents:

1. GentleTent Sky Loft

Claiming to be the largest roof top tent in the world, the Sky Loft is an inflatable tent that can sleep a family of six with no need for an annex. The sleeping area measures 134 x 79 inches and the space can be divided into two rooms with a breathable divider wall. Since it’s inflatable, the tent only weighs 108 pounds, which means it is compatible with nearly any vehicle.

Let’s be honest though, this thing would look ridiculous on a small car. Plus, you’ll need to account for the weight of all the people and gear that will be in the tent when determining if it’s suitable for your vehicle.

Depending on which way you mount it, you’ll either need three cross bars or two cross bars and a second telescoping ladder for extra support. The tent can be set up in about 15 minutes with the included 12V air compressor. It’s got giant windows and doors to provide sweeping views and easy entrance and exit. 

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This unusual tent is made in Europe and isn’t cheap (over $5,100 USD), plus you’ll have to pay for shipping to the US, a VAT, etc. But, if you are dead-set on sleeping your whole family of six in one tent, this is your best bet!

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2. Treeline Outdoors Redwood plus Annex

This large four season tent is built to sleep four to five people, and you can add a separately sold annex to increase the sleeping capacity to six. This is a more traditional RTT (no inflatable parts) that has a super rugged frame, double doors and ladders, a covered entryway (the ladders will be inside the annex if you choose to add one), three large windows and two frost-proof skylights for stargazing.

The sleeping area measures 88 x 95 inches.

This tent has some extra features that you don’t commonly see, such as an emergency unisex urinal (basically a jug/funnel combo, but I’ve never seen that offered with an RTT before), and Goal Zero solar readiness, so you can easily incorporate solar panels to power your lights, devices, and so forth. 

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3. TuffStuff Elite Overland with Annex

The makers of this tent suggest that you can sleep four or five people in the tent and another four people in the included annex, although you’d need an exceptionally large vehicle to haul nine people plus food and gear. However, I imagine you could quite comfortably sleep six people between the tent space and the annex. 

The tent has two entry doors and two ladders, plus a removable wall to divide the interior into two spaces. There are two separate mattresses as well so you can have separate bedding for each ‘room’ of the tent.

The total mattress footprint measures 77 x 96 inches and the annex measures 113×90 inches, providing plenty of additional sleeping room and gear space while still leaving the ladder area open for use. The Overland comes with a PVC shoe storage bag as well as a hanging gear hammock to help keep things organized.

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4. CVT Summit Series Denali with Annex

The Denali also features double doors and double ladders, and an annex comes standard. You can opt for either a standard fly (which leaves the ladders outside the annex) or an extended fly (which puts the ladders inside the annex and covers the entryway). The sleeping footprint measures 85×94 inches and the annex footprint is 94×113 inches – plenty of room for the whole family.

This tent has a static weight capacity of 850 pounds and requires three mounting bars that are spaced 25 inches apart. The tent itself weighs 200-225 pounds depending on the options you select. There are two giant windows at the head of the sleeping area and one window on each side of the tent as well as two skylights, all of which can be zipped completely closed to block out light and provide privacy.

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5. Thule Tepui Explorer Series Autana 4 with Annex


This tent features a sleeping area that measures 96×72 inches and an included annex with a footprint that measures 108×108 inches. The canopy extends over the entryway so that even if you don’t have the annex attached, you are protected from the elements as you enter and exit. The tent itself weighs 190 pounds.

Four large internal pockets provide storage space and organization. A single 8.5-foot telescoping ladder provides access to the tent. 

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6. Guana Equipment Wanaka 72” with XL Annex

This newest tent from Guana Equipment has a sleeping space that measures 72 x 95 inches and an included annex with a 100×100-inch footprint.

The annex has three large doors, and during the day those doors can be opened up and rigged as awnings with the included poles to provide additional shade and allow airflow into the annex space. There is also a door in the back of the annex that allows you to access your vehicle.

Also included are two branded shoe bags, an LED light strip, a utility net under the base, and an anti condensation mat under the plush 3-inch mattress. There is a skylight for the tent and a window in the vestibule area that serves as a skylight for the annex.

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7. Eezi-Awn T-Top Xklusiv with Annex

The sleeping area of this tent measures 87 x 96 inches for the largest option and the included annex (add-a-room as they call it) measures 79 x 87 inches. If you want even more space, you add a second annex to the other side of your vehicle as shown in the photo above.

Eezi-Awn has been in the recreational equipment business since 1983 and they are certainly experts in the industry.

More info:

8. Overland Pros Anza 2000 plus Annex

The sleeping area of this tent measures 79×96 inches and the optional annex available for separate purchase measures 79×98 inches, providing plenty of sleeping space for a family of six.

Huge windows can be completely opened for the best 270-degree views and to easily pass gear up and down from the ground, or you can close the no-see-um mesh layer if bugs are a concern. For privacy or on cold nights, you can fully zip up the openings.

This tent has a unique feature in that its windows and doors do not require spring rods to hold the awnings open, making setup much easier and faster. However, in case you like that look, spring rods are still included with your purchase. A removable rainfly allows for simple setup without it in nice weather but provides an extra layer of protection on rainy or cold nights.

More info:

9. Hannibal Safari Tourer Canvas Tent with Annex

The biggest Hannibal Safari Tourer tent’s sleeping area measures 79×94 inches. It comes with a large annex that has a heavy-duty vinyl floor, two windows, a zip-out panel for vehicle access, and a large door that can be opened out as an awning to provide shade. The rain fly extends past the doorway and ladder to keep water and wind out of the tent as you enter and exit. 

This Australian-made tent is constructed from 380gsm poly-cotton ripstop canvas. The tent includes a high-density foam mattress and a telescoping aluminum ladder with flat treads for easy and comfortable climbing. 

More info:

10. Wild Coast Tents Big Sky with Annex

This Canadian-made RTT has a sleeping footprint of 76 x 96 inches and a large included annex room. The ladder sits within the annex for ultimate comfort. The high-density mattress is coated in vinyl on the sides and bottom to prevent moisture wicking and it has a comfortable poly cotton top with a removable cover. 

The rain fly has a fireproof coating and is raised above the body of the tent to allow for better ventilation and air flow. Bungee cords are strategically placed to help keep the sides of the tent tucked in as you close it, making the packing up process much easier.

Internal storage pockets keep all of your personal items organized and accessible and an LED light strip makes it easy to see what you’re doing at night. The tent comes with a spreader bar that helps reinforce it against heavy rain or snow loads. Skylights provide natural light and easy stargazing.

More info:

How to Choose a 6 Person Roof Top Tent

There are fewer options available for 6 person roof top tents than for smaller versions, but there are still some factors to keep in mind as you shop around.

Tent vs. Tent and Annex

As you can see from this list, most RTTs rely on the addition or inclusion of an annex to actually sleep six people comfortably, with the exception of the GentleTent Sky Loft. Otherwise, if you need to sleep six people off the ground, you may be better off using two tents: one on the vehicle and one on a 4×4 trailer.


Additionally, keep in mind that some of these tents exceed 200 pounds on their own, and if you add in the weight of six people, you might risk crushing the roof of your vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle can handle the weight of the tent both while driving and while stationary, and be sure to factor in the weight of your camping party and gear.

Plus, the bigger and heavier the RTT is, the more difficult it will be to get it on and off your vehicle. Keep this in mind if you’ll need to remove it to fit your vehicle in the garage on a regular basis.

Vehicle Compatibility

In addition to the weight component, your vehicle also needs to have the appropriate cross bars to distribute the weight of the tent. Check the exact mounting specifications of a tent before you purchase it and ensure that you can set your vehicle up in a compatible way.


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