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Best Class-B RV with Slide Out? (10 Roomy Favorites)

Best Class-B RV with Slide Out? (10 Roomy Favorites)

Although it can be hard to find Class-B RVs with a slide out, they do exist and are a fantastic option for those looking for extra space without having to upgrade to an extravagant class C or A RV. The additional space a slide out offers, allows for the main living area to remain open and airy, avoiding any claustrophobic feelings, especially when traveling with multiple individuals.

Top 10 Class-B RVs with a slide out:

1. Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite

Kicking off our list of class B RVs with a slide out is the 24’ Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite. If you’re looking for a modern, luxurious class B RV, the Atlas does not disappoint. With all the camper amenities you can think of, from a kitchen area to a full shower/toilet bathroom, to neat wardrobe storage, it seems Airstream have really thought about it all.

The powered slide out element on the Atlas is situated in the lounge area. Once the slide out is in position, the sofa can be extended into a comfortable murphy bed. It can be hard to find RVs that have a tasteful aesthetic whilst also remaining reliable and durable as vehicles, however, the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite sits on top of the renowned Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are renowned for their longevity and quality, once met with Airstream’s ingenuity, they really are the perfect match.

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2. Nexus Viper 25V

The Nexus Viper 25V is a class B RV built on a reliable Ford chassis and powered by a V8 7.3L engine. The Viper boasts an impressive interior featuring a generously sized power slide out opposite the kitchen and bathroom areas.

The impressive features continue on with the Viper 25V, with a large entertainment center in the cab area, air conditioning, deluxe booth dinette and roomy bathroom featuring a toilet, shower and sink. For ultimate comfort, the slide out creates space for a queen size bed with a deluxe interspring mattress, wardrobe area and spacious dinette seating.

With Nexus’ all steel composite construction, you can be confident the Viper 25V will continue to crunch miles long into the future with minimal risk of water damage and increased thermal and sound insulation.

The Nexus Viper measures in at 24’8” and may have less height, length and width than other class B RVs on the market, however, the slightly smaller size allows for parking and driving even in those tighter areas.

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3. 2018 Winnebago Era 70M

The Winnebago Era 70M is only available to buy used or in the older 2018 model, however, it still has a timeless, classic aesthetic and the reliability of a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Moderate in size at 24’3”, the Era 70M is light and airy within and contains the features you would expect from a luxury RV, such as swivel captain chairs, generously sized kitchen with all necessary appliances, a roomy shower and toilet bathroom with vanity, ample storage and comfortable sofa/dining area.

The Winnebago Era 70M has a slideout in the lounge area and once powered into place, a murphy bed will provide the perfect night’s sleep. The versatility of the slide out in this class B RV, allows for the bed to be out of the way during the day, opening up the floor space and allowing travelers to move around the vehicle comfortably without encroaching on each other’s space.

The efficient V6 Mercedes Benz engine will glide you to your dream destinations and with a powered patio awning, you can expand the living space even more and make the most of being out in the wilderness.

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4. Regency RV Ultra Brougham 25MB

The Regency Ultra Brougham 25MB, is a class B RV that has been exquisitely and innovatively designed to put campers first. The durable construction of curved, five sided laminated walls aid aerodynamics and improved gas mileage. Measuring at just over 25’, the Ultra Brougham 25MB really packs a punch with its interior features.

The L-shaped kitchen, private full bathroom with macerating toilet, abundant storage space and luxury furnishings promise the comfort of home whilst adventuring out on the road. A particularly unique detail of the Regency Ultra Brougham 25MB is the residential sized laundry chute. This feature is particularly useful for families and is easily accessible from both the interior and exterior of the RV.

For the bed setup, the powered slide out next to the kitchen transforms the sofa into a murphy bed, creating the perfect place to relax and unwind.

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5. Leisure Vans Unity MB

The unquestionable quality and ingenuity in the Unity MB make this an RV we just had to include in our list. Although this is a class C RV, the Unity MB only measures in at 25’1” making it comparable in size and features to the other RVs on our list.

The interior of the camper is modern and grand with curved soft close cabinetry, LED lighting throughout and Ultraleather furnishings. The powered slide out in the Leisure Vans Unity MB is in the dinette area where a near king size bed is just waiting to be slept in.

A unique feature is Leisure Vans patented Leisure Lounge Plus system that allows for six different seating configurations depending on the needs and desires of the user.

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6. Thor Gemini 23TW

Built on a Ford Transit chassis powered by a 3.5L V6 engine, the 23’7” Thor Gemini 23TW is a class B RV that’s a dream to drive and a breeze to use. Along with an EcoBoost engine, the Gemini has an all-wheel drive system, ideal for those wanting to tackle challenging terrain and reach remote camp spots out in the wild.

The aesthetics of the Gemini are crisp and modern with subtle additions of color to bring personality to the RV. Moving to the interior, it’s clear Thor have made sure there are no compromises and so you can expect generous kitchen countertop space, Ivory Coast cabinetry, a bathroom with foot flush toilet and shower and an innovatively designed slide out.

Built opposite the bathroom and kitchen, the slide out on the Gemini 23TW creates space for a queen size comfort flex Euro style bed and a stunning leatherette Dream Dinette booth.

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7. Phoenix Cruiser 2910D

Measuring in at just over 30’, the Phoenix Cruiser 2910D is the largest class B RV on our list. Although there are many advantages to owning a smaller RV, the Phoenix Cruiser 2910D is a stunning example of the difference a few feet bigger truly makes.

The two slide outs allow for such an abundance of floor space throughout the RV, keeping the camper feeling open and fresh. 

The initial slide out is located at the rear in the bedroom area and creates a queen size bed. The second slide out is in the lounge area where you can relax in luxurious reclining sofas. Having a separate shower and toilet in the Phoenix Cruiser 2910D is a superb design feature as it allows for both areas to be in use at the same time without complication.

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8. Thor Compass 23TW

Measuring the same as the Thor Gemini 23TW, the Class B Compass 23TW is also full of style and functionality, comfortably sleeping 3 people. Along with Thor’s impressive design, the Ford Transit chassis of the Compass offers an abundance of Ford Transit safety features such as lane departure warning, pre-collision assist, hill start assist and rain sensing windshield wipers.

With these just being a few of the safety features included with the 23’ 7” Compass, you can drive with ease knowing Ford have got you covered in sticky situations on the road. The interior of the Compass also doesn’t disappoint with a spacious kitchen boasting a refrigerator, two burner gas cooktop, convection microwave oven and even a countertop extension, handy for cooking for friends and family.

Along the far side of the Compass 23TW, opposite the kitchen, is a powered slide out revealing a Dream Dinette and queen size bed. The slide out ensures the space feels light and airy with plenty of room to maneuver around inside the RV.

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9. Coach House Platinum 241 XL

The Coach House Platinum 241 XL oozes style with classic color palettes and a spacious, fresh interior. The customization options with the Platinum 241 XL are just some of the impressive features of this class B RV, allowing you to put your own stamp and personality on the vehicle.

Measuring at just under 26’, Coach House have ensured the Platinum packs a punch without being an overbearing size. The Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis promises reliability and paired with a 3.0L V6 diesel engine, the Platinum 241 XL will keep you adventuring on the road for many years to come.

With such a variety of features from swivel chairs and an HD TV in the cab area, to the generous kitchen and bathroom areas, it’s hard to find something Coach House haven’t already thought about. With a fixed queen size bed at the rear of the RV, the hydraulic slide out in the Platinum 241 XL is opposite the kitchen and provides an extension for the dinette area.

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10. Thor Delano 24TT

Although the Thor Delano 24TT is a class C RV and not a class B, it’s worth considering due to its abundant features and compact size. Measuring at 24’ 9”, the Delano 24TT remains small enough to be parked and driven confidently, without facing the inconveniences of larger RVs.

The interior of the Thor Delano is of the highest quality with all the features you would expect from RVs such as a full kitchen with stainless steel sink, suitably sized refrigerator, two burner stovetop and even a 12V ceiling vent to extract any residual heat and smells from cooking. The bathroom is sizable with a fully enclosed shower, foot flush toilet and sink area to bring the comforts of home with you on every adventure.

The slide out feature on the Delano 24TT is opposite the kitchen and bathroom areas and runs the entire length of the RV. This innovative feature expands the interior space, creating a luxurious queen size bed, additional closet storage and a Dream Dinette.

The full wall, powered slide out allows for more open space in the RV, ideal for those traveling with additional explorers as the interior can remain uncramped and roomy.

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What is the smallest RV with slide outs?

Although there are many travel trailers with slide outs, this space enhancing feature is less common in RVs. Both the Thor Gemini and Thor Compass Class B RVs have lengths of 23’7” whilst also having slide out features. Slide outs can transform RV travel and living, using each space in the RV as innovatively as possible.

Does Airstream have slideouts?

When looking at travel trailers, Airstream have limited offerings. Both the Airstream Classic Limited 30’/34’ and Airstream safari slide-out 28’ travel trailers feature slide outs. The Airstream Atlas touring coach is a class B RV with a powered slide out creating space for an innovatively designed murphy bed.

What class B gets best gas mileage?

As RV users tend to clock up many miles whilst traveling, it’s important to know what gas mileage to expect from your vehicle. Class B RVs tend to have better gas mileage than their class A and class C counterparts and the Roadtrek SS Agile doesn’t disappoint. With the ability of hitting 25mpg, the Roadtrek SS Agile is a class B RV with fantastic gas mileage.


Closing Thoughts and Top Choice

The Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite is a Class B RV with a slide out that seems to tick each and every box of an avid explorer. The spacious bathroom and L-shaped kitchen are just a couple of features that make this RV feel like a luxurious, open space. The powered slide out in the lounge area easily transforms the space into a comfortable murphy suite.

With an entertainment system directly opposite the bed/lounge area, you can relax and unwind in front of a 20” Samsung LED Smart TV. It’s Airstream’s attention to detail and the reliable Mercedes Benz chassis that truly makes this RV a front runner.


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