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52 of the Best Gifts for Hikers

52 of the Best Gifts for Hikers

Finding an amazing and useful gift for the hiker close to your heart can be hard.  Check out this list for a variety of 52 of the best gifts for hikers of all kinds.  You’re sure to find something that piques your interest and hopefully leads you to finding the perfect gift for that special someone.

You’re already on the right trail because you know they’re a hiker so read further for great gift ideas and inspiration. We’ve broke the list into sections… Gifts on Amazon, Unique Gifts, For Mom, Casual Hikers, Under $25, DIY and Safety. Have fun shopping!

Gifts on Amazon

1. Mini Water Filtration System

best gifts for hikers water filter

This filtration system is super reliable for getting clean water wherever you are.  It comes with a straw filter used to drink right from a water source and is rated to for up to 100,000 gallons of water filtration.  Great for hiking any trails near water and in emergency situations.  It also comes with a reusable pouch to store filtered water in.

2. Trekking Poles

These trekking poles are great for any hiker that wants to start tackling more challenging terrain.  They are lightweight, fold down easily, and come with a carrying case plus all the attachments you might need for any kind of hiking or mountaineering.  These are very durable poles that can work for anyone.

3. Portable Charging Power Bank

This portable power bank is perfect for the hiker that loves taking photos on their phone or listening to music while they are out on the trail.  Now, they’ll never run out of battery because this thing can hold enough power to charge some phones up to 10 times.  Great for dual uses as well when traveling or just on the go and need a device powered.

4. Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks

Everyone needs a great pair of wool socks when they go hiking and this pair is both affordable and reliable.  They even come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee so long after you have given these as a gift, the recipient will be able to get a new pair if they ever wear through or have other issues with the socks.

5. Toilet Tissues

Every once in a while someone needs to go to the restroom while out on a hike and no better way to be prepared than with these compact and portable washroom tissues.  They are even biodegradable so all you have to do after use is bury them in a hole after use.  Don’t let your favorite hiker be caught without some of these in their bag.

 6. Bear Spray


bear spray best gifts for hikers

If you know that the person you are looking to buy a gift for loves to go into the back country or bear territory, make sure they stay safe with this bear spray.  It shoots best up to 30 feet so even if a bear is not too close, users are sure to be safe.  Furthermore the spray comes with a holster for easy access and was rigorously tested for peace of mind while out on a hike.

7. Garmin eTrex 10 GPS

Make sure the hiker in your life is never lost with this portable GPS.  The battery life is up to 20 hours with 2 AA batteries.  It also lets users track distance between points, see low and high elevations, and mark way-points along the trail to stay guided while out in the wilderness.

8. Aluminum Alloy Carabiners

This aluminum alloy carabiner set is perfect for attaching anything needed to the outside of a bag while out for a hike.  You can us it to bring extra water, or attach a different pair of comfortable shoes to change into when you stop while out on the trail.  They are easy to keep on a bag for use whenever they are needed.

9. Folding Backpack Chairs

These chairs are lightweight and fold down to a compact size to fit inside of a backpack.  They are perfect for any hiker that habitually needs to take a seat at the destination, or after a long day out on the trail.  They are breathable with mesh backing to keep users cool and come with a one year warranty if anything happens to go wrong.

10. A Subscription to Backpack Magazine

If your gift recipient loves hiking, a subscription to Backpack Magazine is the perfect gift.  This offer comes with a year long subscription.  Each of the 9 print editions give tips to help you better prepare for being in the wilderness, show great color photography, give gear reviews, and mention the best places around the world for backpacking.  Any outdoor lover will appreciate this gift.

Unique Hiking Gifts

11. A National Parks Pass

You can never go wrong buying a friend or relative one years worth of admission to every National Park in the United States of America and up to 2000 recreation areas across the country.  It covers the cost of one vehicle for entrance and up to 4 adults.  REI even donates 10 percent of the sale proceeds to the National Park Foundation.

12. Joshua Tree Lip Balm

This lip balm is perfect for anyone.  Not only is it made out of 100 percent organic ingredients but it is also SPF 15 for sun protection on your lips.  People often forget that when they are out hiking all day, their lips can get sunburned just as easily as arms or legs.

13. A Monocular

gifts for hikers nature monocular

This waterproof and fog proof monocular is a great gift for the wildlife loving hiker.  It allows users to zoom up to 10 times in order to get a close up view of any creatures that can be seen while out on a hike without getting too close and spooking them away.  It is lightweight making it perfect for trekking into the back country or even for having on shorter day hikes.

14. E-Tool Folding Spade

This folding spade is great for the hiker that spends a lot of time in the back country.  It is lightweight yet sturdy and offers users a serrated edge to help cut through vegetation.  The twist lock keeps the shovel in place when in use and portable when it needs to be stowed away in a backpack.

15. Blister Prevention Cream

If you know your gift recipient is easily susceptible to blisters while out on longer hikes, this prevention cream could make the perfect gift.  It is easily applied before a hike and lasts all day.  It also works in both dry and wet conditions and leaves behind no stain or residue on socks.

16. A Solar Charger

This solar charger is great for hikers that needs their gadgets charged up while out on the trail.  Just set it out in the sun and you are good to go.  It is water resistant and shock proof.  All you need to do is bring your USB compatible charging cable to plug into the side and you can charge any device needed.

17. Hydration Pack

Better known as a camel pack, this water carrying backpack holds up to 2.5 liters of water at a time.  There is also plenty of room in the backpack as well for extra supplies as needed on a hike.  The waist strap is great for going out on longer hikes in order to center the weight of the pack on your hips instead of on the shoulders.

18. Backpack Rain Cover

This backpack rain cover will easily keep users backpacks dry in wet weather and all conditions a serious hiker might run into.  This cover is even super lightweight, will fit over basically any backpack, and has the durability to be set on the ground while still on your pack when stopping for a break.

Hiking Gifts for Mom

19. Child Carrying Backpack

There are many child carrying backpacks on the market so I’d suggest doing a lot of research before buying however, these things are great for the hiker mom in your life who you know wants to get her kids outside enjoying nature more.  The backpack offers a comfortable ride for the kid and mother, is easily adjustable, and has a little extra space for food and water as needed when venturing outdoors.

20. Platypus Wine Preservation System

This wine preservation system works amazingly and is able to preserve wine for up to a couple of weeks when out on the trail.  It is able to eliminate exposure to oxygen in the bag which negatively effects the flavors of wine.  Perfect for enjoying a glass on the top of a sunlight peak or back at camp after dinner.

21. Foam Roller

After a long day on the trail, it is never bad to stretch out your muscles.  This foam roller will let its user go above and beyond just normal static stretching to sooth out tender leg and back muscles.  It is easy to use and will leave users less sore the next morning and the next day after strenuous activity.

22. Knee Bands

These knee bands are perfect for hiking and just about any other physical activity users want to engage in.  Don’t let bad knees or joints hold you back from getting out on the trails with friends and relatives.  These could be just the solution for someone who loves hiking but doesn’t think they have the physical capabilities to do it anymore.

23. Blister Bandages

Everyone gets blisters every once in a while out hiking so it is best to be prepared for them with this package of blister bandages.  There is a variety of different sizes in the pack and they are even waterproof in order to be able to stay on for days at a time.

Gifts for Casual Hikers

24. A Hammock

This hammock is perfect for the casual hiker in your life who loves to get out in nature but sometimes just wants to lay back and hang out.  Get them this hammock for the ultimate place to take a nap on the trail, or wait for more experienced hikers in your group to finish a different trail.

25. Hydration Tablets

These hydration tablets are the perfect gift that will give anyone an extra boost of energy while out on the trail.  They were designed for athletes of all kinds to be a low sugar, clean ingredient sports drink.  Just drop a tablet in water to use.

26. Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses do just the trick when it is hot out and the sun is blazing down.  They are lightweight so as not to bog you down while out on the trail and give complete UV protection so as not to damage ones eyes.  Users are even still able to see natural colors with no distortion while wearing these sunglasses.

27. Rechargeable LED Lantern

This LED lantern is great for casual hikers and anyone who loves camping or getting outdoors.  It is collapsible making it very portable while also giving plenty of illumination when hiking later in the evening, cooking at night, or just playing cards in the tent during a storm.  The dual hooks give it a variety of ways to be strung up which is very convenient.

28. A Soft Cooler

This soft cooler is great for keeping drinks and lunch cool while out on the trail.  Get it for your gift recipient so that they can enjoy what feels like a fresh packed meal when they are out in the wilderness.  Even just having this cooler in the car to keep drinks cold when getting off the trail makes it a great gift.

Gifts for Under $25

29. A Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is nice for having an extra water bottle stored away in case you need to fill up more than originally planned.  Store it in your bag and unfold it once you need to use it.  It is always a good idea to have extra water storage so a collapsible bottle like this is perfect to not take up too much extra space.

30. Microfiber Portable Towel

This portable towel makes hiking up to clear alpine lakes and going for a swim a breeze.  Nobody wants to be wet on their way back to the trailhead or the campsite so having this portable microfiber towel in your backpack is essential.  It is lightweight and fast drying so it doesn’t bog you down or get anything else wet in your bag.

31. Phone Camera Tripod

This phone camera tripod is also compatible with most cameras giving it dual use.  It comes with a mount for phones of all kinds and that unscrews to be able to accommodate cameras.  This could be the perfect gift for the the avid nature photographer in your life who wants to take better photos.

32. Swiss Army Knife

This Swiss Army Knife includes a straight blade, a serrated blade, a can opener with a small screwdriver, a bottle opener with a large screwdriver, wire strippers, tweezers, a corkscrew, and a toothpick.  It is small and light making it perfect for having in a backpack to be used as needed while out on the trail, or back at home.

33. Landmark Project Enamel Cup

No better way to start the day off than with a cup of coffee or tea in a new favorite cup.  This enamel cup even donates a portion of proceeds to the Smoky Bear Fund for Wildlife Prevention Education.  Why not donate to a good cause while also giving an awesome mug as a gift at the same time.

34. Road Atlas

This road atlas is for the adventuring road tripper in your life.  It has detailed road maps of all 50 United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  It even includes 24 maps to America’s favorite National Parks for nature lovers.  Keep it in the car so that wherever you are, you can figure out where you need to go.

35. Head Net

Whenever there are too many bugs out while on a hike, it is great to be able to take out a head net like this one and continue on without having to swat away at your face every few seconds.  Get one of these today especially for friends who live in more wet and swampy climates but still want to enjoy the outdoors during bug season.

36. Ultra Bright Headlamp

Don’t let your friends or relatives be caught out in the dark during a hike that took longer than expected ever again.  This headlamp offers 5 different settings and is easy to use with 2 buttons.  It is even water resistant up to a point and the battery can last up to multiple days.

37. A Book of Best Trails

The book linked here is for the best trails in Southwest Colorado but you get the idea.  Get your gift recipient a book of trails for their state so they can explore the surrounding nature near their home.  Hopefully the guide you buy will also offer insights into the history of the trails, distances, and difficulty levels offered.

38. Yeti Rambler Colster

This beverage container will keep your drink cold all day long.  It uses food grade stainless steel and double walled vacuum insulation to keep the chill in.  Perfect for having a cold drink ready for you right at the top of a mountain, or on the side of stream as you sit down to lunch.

Do it Yourself Gifts For Hikers

39. A Hiking Stick

A homemade hiking stick for the avid hiker in your life is the perfect gift to remind them of you while out on the trail.  Sometimes the best gifts aren’t bought at all.  The instructions linked to make a hiking stick are very straightforward so find a stick you think will work and spend a few hours making it into a thoughtful gift.

40. Rope Handgrip for a Hiking Stick

If you do end up making a hiking stick for whoever you are searching for a gift, take a look at these instructions for making a rope handgrip on it.  The paracord used can even help them out in a survival situation if worse comes to worst.

41. Leather and Paracord Survival Belt

This do it yourself project will definitely take a little more time and is much more in depth than the others mentioned.  However, this is a very cool project that you should go for if you think you have the skills to execute it.  It will require some specific leather working tools but if you have them or can figure out a way to do without, the end product is sure to impress and be used by the recipient for quite a while.

42. Parachute Cord Bracelet

If you were thinking about making the survival belt but don’t have the tools or know how, this parachute cord bracelet could be the perfect alternative.  Each one contains between 10 and 25 feet of parachute cord which can be used in a variety of survival situations.  The bracelet easily lets users keep it on them either on the wrist on attached to a pack while out.

43. A Survival Tin

This is an easy idea to put together for anyone who loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time hiking.  The kits comes from an old Altoids tin but you can find any small pocket sized box for your own.  In the link there is a huge list of things you can put in it to make the ultimate portable survival kit for your gift recipient.  Don’t forget to add a personal touch to the one you make.

Hiking Gifts for Safety

44. Survival Fire Starter with a Compass and Whistle

If you are ever caught in an emergency situation, this fire starter on a lanyard might be crucial to making it home safely.  It also has a built in compass and whistle for signaling and finding your way.  Small and compact so as not to be caught without it when it is finally needed.

45. Emergency Sleeping Bag

You shouldn’t expect to sleep regularly in this small and portable emergency sleeping bag but in a pinch, it will do an extraordinary job keeping you dry and warm.  It is made out of aluminized PE material making it able to retain body heat and be tear resistant.  It also can be used as a rain shield, ground cover, or a reflective warmer in a pinch.

46. 120 Piece First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is going to be essential when in the outdoors hiking any trail.  This first aid kit is robust but portable and even breaks down into a more lightweight kit of 32 pieces for shorter excursions.  It has been FDA approved and can even be kept around the house, in your car, or in a desk at work to be used when needed.

47. Sasquatch Multi-Tool

This stainless steel multi-tool is great to have on a key chain or tucked inside your wallet.  There is a bottle and can opener on it, both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, chord cutters, 4 hex wrenches, and a ruler.  It is even TSA approved so that you can keep it with you wherever you go.

48. Survival Bandana

This survival bandana is great for tying up an injury as well as for head protection from the sun, but it can also offer users a wealth of information when one finds themselves in a survival situation.  There is tips printed right on the bandana covering things like first aid, navigation, fire starting, shelter, water collection, and useful knots among many other tips.

49. Emergency Survival Gear Kit

This emergency survival kit is going to have everything you might need to make it out of a survival situation.  It comes with a whistle, fire starter, multi-tool, compass, wire saw, and emergency blanket.  Best of all the waterproof case it comes in measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches making this kit small, light, and portable.

50. Mirrored Compass With Declination

This mirrored compass also comes with inch and millimeter markings, a magnifying glass to see maps and guides, and a clinometer to measure slope angles.  Technology sometimes fails but a map and compass never will.  The mirror also comes in handy when needing to signal someone or if it is the only available way to start a fire.

51. A Field Guide

A field guide is always a good gift for an avid hiker.  Some of the information offered inside just might be what is the difference when lost on a day hike and knowing what to do vs. what not to do.  There are plenty of field guides on the market so pick out the one that has information your recipient might be interested in.  Some guides focus on plants and animals while others talk about survival techniques for different areas so figure out the one that will be best.

52. Emergency Tent

This emergency tent is the ultimate two persons survival shelter.  It comes with plenty of paracord to string it up as well as a whistle for signaling.  It is lightweight and can become very compact.  Perfect for hunkering down in bad weather while out on the trail or if caught in a worse situation than that.


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