croc weight ultralight camp shoes

Croc Weight? Ultralight Camp Shoes Guide

After hiking seemingly hundreds of miles, sweating through my socks and bandaging feet to prevent blisters, the first thing I want to do when reaching camp is take off those darn boots! Luckily, I always carry a pair of camp shoes with me on every overnight hike. One of the […]

good camping knife

What Makes a Good Camping Knife?

Having a good blade on hand is an essential part of camping. You’ll need a quality knife for everything from making s’more sticks to cutting rope and making repairs to miscellaneous items around camp. So, what makes a good camping knife? A good camping knife will have quality blade material […]

kelly lake trip report and guide

Overnight Backpacking at Kelly Lake in Colorado

Kelly Lake, among just about every other alpine lake in Colorado, requires quite the arduous hike. The trail is roughly 7.4 miles in, and another 7.4 miles out. Add in a 2460’ elevation gain, and you’ve got yourself a solid trek ahead of you. If you are looking for a […]

most common backpacking mistakes

15 Common Mistakes Made by First Time Backpackers

There is not a person alive that has been into the backcountry and not made one of these mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many times we shoulder that pack and go wild, there is always something we could have done better. There is always something we wished we had and […]