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Best 5 Person Roof Top Tent? (Top 10 Picks)

Best 5 Person Roof Top Tent? (Top 10 Picks)

Roof top tents (RTTs) provide an easy, quick, and comfortable camping option. They keep you off the hard ground and out of reach of unwanted animal and reptile visitors, and they provide stunning views.

While it’s unlikely that you can fit five adults into an RTT comfortably (and honestly, why would you want to?), there are certainly family-sized options available that can accommodate two adults and three children, or tent and annex combos that can sleep five adults.

Here’s our top 10 best 5 person roof top tents:

1. CVT Pioneer Series Denali with Annex  

This extra-large tent has a sleeping area that measures 85×94 inches and two ladders, each of which leads up to its own door. The tent itself can sleep 4+ people, but the Denali also comes with an annex that can fit a queen mattress and provide additional sleeping room and privacy.

The Denali has a built-in rainfly, although you can opt for the standard fly which leaves the ladders in the open outside the annex, or the extended fly, which covers the entryway and puts the ladders inside the annex. Either way, the fly has integrated Stargazer Windows so you can see out regardless of the weather.

Each of the windows and doors of the tent has awnings to provide shade and keep water out of the tent while still allowing for airflow and views. The annex has three doors and a removable floor. Plus, you can still access your vehicle through the annex.

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2. 23 Zero Walkabout 87 

This “Huge Bed” tent has a sleeping space that’s 87 x 96 inches, and although it doesn’t come with an annex, you can purchase one separately for even more space. 23 Zero uses special Light Suppression Technology in their fabric to keep the inside pitch black even in direct sunlight, which allows you to comfortably sleep in after sunrise.

The LST fabric also reduces the interior temperature by 20% so your tent won’t be an oven after a long day of sun.

This tent also has two ladders and a large rain fly that extends over the entrance, keeping you dry as you enter and exit the tent. Huge windows with awnings provide panoramic views and a Skyview panel allows for easy stargazing. The 3-inch-thick mattress has a comfortable cotton top and a waterproof base layer, which eliminates the need for a separate condensation mat.

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3. Freespirit Recreation High Country 80” Premium 

With a sleeping footprint of 80 x 98 inches, this tent can easily sleep two adults and three kids. But, it still has a small enough footprint to fit on most trucks and SUVs. The High Country is made with tri-layer fabric that holds in heat in very cold weather but is also comfortable on warm summer days.

This tent can be set up in 60 seconds and has an integrated LED light strip, although batteries are not included. Oversized windows and doors provide stunning 360-degree views and clear skylight that’s built into the awning lets in sunlight and allows for stargazing. This tent has support legs to help prevent rocking as people move around and to stabilize the floor against the combined weight of five people.

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4. Tuff Stuff Elite Overland with Annex

Depending on how cozy you want to get, the Overland tent can sleep four to five people with room for an additional four people in the optional annex. Or, you could all stretch out a little and have parents in the tent and kids in the annex. Either way, there are a lot of options with this massive tent.

It comes with two retractable ladders which can be folded away if necessary to open up more room in the annex, and you can put up the removable split wall in the tent to divide the space into two. The mattress is also divided into two parts to facilitate the use of the divider wall with separate bedding. The total sleeping footprint measures 77 x 96 inches.

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5. Eezi-Awn Fun 

Eezi-Awn is based in South Africa and they’ve been in the RTT industry for many years. The sleeping footprint of their Fun tent measures 63 x 96 inches and you can choose to add an annex (which they call add-a-room) to increase living and sleeping space.

The awning extends over the ladder to protect the entrance and keep you out of the elements as you enter and exit. This tent has a ratchet-assisted reinforced PVC cover to keep everything well-protected when the tent is packed away.

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6. Guana Equipment Wanaka 55” with XL Annex 

Perhaps the most special aspect of this RTT is its gigantic 100x100x75-inch annex. If you are looking to sleep five adults, this setup may be one of your best bets as you can put two people in the tent and three people in the annex along with your gear and bags.

You can also add awnings on three sides of the tent for an even larger covered space and to shade the annex. The tent provides panoramic views and, of course, a skylight. 

This is a four-season tent that can be comfortably used throughout the year. The rain fly has a special coating on the underside that helps hold in heat and keeps light out of the tent so you can sleep past dawn. The base of the tent is made of tough black diamond plate that will stand up scratches and wear, and provides good insulation.

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7. Treeline Outdoors Redwood 

This mondo tent comes with two extendable ladders and a covered entryway. The sleeping area measures 88 x 95 inches and you can opt to add an annex for extra space.

The manufacturers suggest that you can sleep four adults and one child in just the tent, although I have to imagine that would be a tight squeeze. Two adults and three children in the tent seems more feasible, or three adults in the tent and two in the annex. 

The built-in mattress is made of high-density, waterproof foam that is both comfortable and won’t mold if it’s exposed to moisture. Double skylights and double doors provide easy access and killer views. This tent weighs in at a hefty 231 pounds, so it requires extra care to make sure your vehicle can handle it.

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8. Overland Pros Anza 2000 

This tent features a unique design that doesn’t require the use of spring rods and window awnings, and the tent itself is fully waterproof. However, it still comes with a removable rain fly for extra protection against inclement weather and to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation. In nice weather, all four corners can be unzipped to provide maximum airflow and the best views. 

The sleeping area measures 79×96 inches and you can opt to add an annex to this tent as well. The base has tie-down rings so you can secure your tent even in the gnarliest weather and remain comfortable and warm inside. There are also peak loops on the top of the tent where you can affix solar panels, hang laundry to dry, and so forth.

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9. Hannibal Safari Tourer Canvas Tent with Annex 

This Australian-made tent has a sleeping area that measures 79×94 inches and a large included annex. You can stake out one side of the annex to create an open air space that’s shaded by the ‘awning,’ or keep it closed to provide additional sleeping space. The entryway is covered by the rainfly to keep you out of the elements.

Inside, a dedicated flashlight bag will always keep your light within reach, and two additional storage compartments help you keep things neat and tidy. You can opt for the standard mattress or go for a double-layer pillowtop mattress for extra comfort, which can still fit inside the tent when it’s closed. There are also available LED lights for both inside and outside the tent.

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10. Wild Coast Tents Big Sky with Annex 

This tent sleeps four in a sleeping space that measures 76×96 and it includes an annex for additional sleeping space. The ladder to enter the tent is inside the annex to keep you dry and cozy while you enter and exit the tent and prevent the interior from getting wet or muddy. The 75mm mattress has vinyl protecting the sides and bottom from moisture wicking and a comfortable poly-cotton top.

Bungee cords help pull in the side walls as you are collapsing the tent to pack it away, making it much easier for one person to complete the task. Inside, an LED light strip makes it easy to see what you’re doing and gear bags can be hung in convenient locations to keep the space organized. A spreader bar helps keep the tent open and taut under heavy rain or snow loads.

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How to Choose a 5 Person Roof Top Tent

Choosing a five person RTT will require more planning and forethought than, say, a two person RTT. These giant tents must be able to fit on your vehicle, meet your sleeping arrangement needs, and not crush your vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, you likely won’t fit five adults into an RTT, although two adults and three children can certainly make it work.

Tent vs. Tent and Annex

If you are looking to accommodate five adults, your best bet will be to opt for a large tent that comes with an annex, or to purchase one separately if it’s available. That way, you aren’t all crammed into the tent and won’t have to crawl over one another to enter and exit. Plus, you will have extra room for changing, gear storage, and so forth.

However, an annex will require additional sleeping gear like cots or air mattresses, and of course additional bedding which must be hauled somewhere in your vehicle (as opposed to the mattress and bedding in the tent itself, which doesn’t require extra storage space).

The addition of an annex will mean more time spent setting up and packing away the RTT as well, and the floor and lower walls can get muddy and wet in rainy conditions which can be a pain when it comes time to pack up. 


Some of the larger tents on this list can weigh more than 200 pounds, which makes them largely unsuitable for use with small cars. Ensure that your vehicle can handle the weight of the tent both while stationary and in motion, as well as the combined weight of your camping party and all your gear that will be in the tent at night. 

Vehicle Compatibility

Large RTTs also require more intense mounting systems, requiring two or sometimes three crossbars to safely distribute the weight. For that reason, it’s sometimes better to mount very large RTTs on truck bed racks or on 4×4 trailers to avoid overburdening your vehicle.


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