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How much does a Winnebago pop top cost?

How much does a Winnebago pop top cost?

Winnebago is venturing into the ‘pop-top’ camper van space with a more entry level price point as well as a higher end luxury option. From the affordable pop-up camper ‘Solis’ to the all new trendsetter ‘Ekko’; there’s an RV for every explorer and their needs.

So, how much exactly does a Winnebago pop top cost? You will be looking at a base cost without optional upgrades between $107K and $163K. There are several options to consider when looking at Winnebago’s pop-top vehicles.

Below we’ll break down your two choices more in depth so you can make the best decision for your own personal needs and type of travel.

Winnebago’s Two Pop Top Equipped Vehicles


The innovative, space saving design of the Class B camper van Solis, can comfortably fit a family of 4 without sacrificing style or functionality. The exterior is clean and fresh giving a modern but familiar personality to the camper. In the cab of the van, you will find an array of features resulting in a comfortable, grounded drive to keep everyone happy on road trips.

These features include but are not limited to; cruise control, power steering, adjustable mirrors and a rear-view camera system to ensure you can sail down roads with ease, no matter the destination. The 3500 lb trailer hitch allows you to tow anything from bikes to kayaks to canoes, meaning nothing has to be left behind when you set off on your road trip.

With swivel seats, a Murphy bed, removable dining table and all your kitchen needs, the Solis truly packs a punch in terms of using the space in the best way possible avoiding a cramped feeling within. 

The sleek but practical interior design is very user friendly with magnets to keep cupboard doors closed when driving, easy to use durable fiberglass pop top and Eco-Hot water system effortlessly producing hot water for stress free, everyday living. It can often be a challenge to find a camper incorporating the comforts of a house, but Winnebago have pulled out all the stops in the creation of the Solis.

The premium insulation promises to keep you warm in colder climates, meaning no destination is off the cards. The removable dining table, bathroom, two burner hob, compact refrigerator, zip window blackout screens and all round functionality of the Solis, will ensure comfortable living from anywhere and everywhere.

Access to pop-top towards front of cabin.

The Solis is also less intimidating in size compared to a larger RV, however, space isn’t lost due to the clever layout and pop top addition. The smaller size also means parking and maneuvering the vehicle becomes far less of a hindrance, making you feel as comfortable as possible on your adventures.

Built on strong gas shocks, the easy use of the pop top will have your space maximized in no time at all and with a cab-stored ladder to access the extended space along with additional windows, you’ll be able to easily enjoy picturesque views from every corner of the camper van.

With three available floor plans, the Solis is sure to meet your needs with flexible, space saving living for you, your family and the good times ahead.

Winnebago Solis Pricing

The Ram Promaster chassis Winnebago Solis has a starting price of $107,821 with the option of added upgrades in the cooling system and bedroom of the RV. The 3.6L V6 280hp engine and 6 speed automatic transmission is guaranteed to power you through all life’s adventures and with the unmistakable Winnebago quality interior and exterior, it’s hard to find an RV to compete with the very affordable Solis.

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The Winnebago Ekko is one of the smaller Class C RVs on the market, but with a large garage perfect for all your adventure gear, you will not miss out on your favorite hobbies and passions while away on your travels.

The attractive, boxy, athletic exterior of the Ford all wheel drive chassis ensures the Ekko doesn’t look like many other regular Class C’s out there – the Ekko is rugged, raw and ready to take you out on your best trips yet and with the 5000 lb tow hitch you can bring all your adventure toys wherever you go from bikes to water sports.

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Winnebago were sure to bring an edge to the exterior to the Ekko by including sleek angles and subtle but effective colour contrasts bringing it right up to date with other vans currently on the market.

When designing the Ekko, Winnebago looked extensively at the needs and desires of vanlifers, adventure dwellers and those who want to remain off grid for as long as possible. The result was the creation of a vehicle with the combined successes of camper vans and motor homes whilst also addressing common issues travelers were facing.

It was this research and hearing about the real life issues explorers on the road were facing that led Winnebago to the creation of the Ekko.  Often with RVs and camper vans there are sacrifices to be made, whether that be space, electric capacity or even kitchen capabilities.

With 455 watts of solar to power all your electrical needs, lithium ion phosphate batteries, a 50 gallon fresh water tank, grey water tanks, a 13” powered awning, unique bathroom, heated garage space and so much more, the Ekko provides the full off grid package. The 13” awning allows for your living space to be extended outside, making nature an even bigger part of your on-the-road experience.

The Ekko successfully ticks the boxes for an avid nature loving and exploring lifestyle that manages to make life and travel on the road accessible to everyone.

The 3.5L V6 EcoBoost 310hp engine will take you far and wide as you hit the road supported by the 10 speed automatic transmission. The extensive insulation throughout from the water pipes and tanks to the roof and walls makes the Ekko the perfect winter trip vehicle.

Access to pop-top roof sleeping towards front of cabin.

The worries of water pipes freezing in winter and feeling cold inside the van are now obsolete thanks to Winnebago going the extra mile and providing ultimate comfort from the initial stages of the build up. Insulation is the foundation of any camper build – without a solid base of insulation, a van will struggle with heat regulation and keeping the space warm and comfortable in colder climates.

Winnebago have used premium insulation throughout this Ekko, providing a solid RV set to keep you comfortable no matter the outside temperature. 

Winnebago offer upgrades to the Ekko such as a batwing awning, luggage rack and exterior kitchen, however, some extras are unavailable if you opt for the additional pop top sleeping space. The pop top roof is approximately 52”x79” creating an enjoyable sleeping space for two, allowing the Ekko to transform into a 4 berth camper without feeling cramped.

The ladder at the rear of the vehicle allows for easy access to the roof if and when needed which is a great benefit to check the luggage rack, solar cables etc. The bathroom consists of a cassette toilet and sink wall that when pivoted reveals a large shower. The swivel wall with the sink ensures any water projecting around the room when the shower is in use is fully contained.

Having this extra internal space is crucial for long, hiking days when hot showers are needed. This innovative wet room style bathroom maximizes the space and utilizes multi function capability- something demonstrated throughout the Ekko.

Winnebago Ekko Pricing

The Winnebago Ekko has a starting price of $163,662 with the option of additional upgrades such as the exterior kitchen. Considering the Ekko rivals the Ford Transit off road, off grid RV, it really manages to encapsulate the needs of a family looking to adventure in a vehicle fit to be a second home.

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What is the least expensive Winnebago?

The current least expensive Winnebago is the Ford E350 and E450 chassis Class C Outlook RV. This comfortable, beginner friendly camper is available with four different floor plans and is ideal for those starting out on their road trip journey and with many convenient amenities, safety features and variety of floor plans, it’s easy to see why Winnebago created this solid family friendly camper.

Can you put a pop top on a high roof van?

Although a high roof van provides an abundance of space in terms of both storage and head room, you can add a pop top for even more space if required.

An additional pop top has the potential to add another sleeping area as well as increasing the overall comfort of the camper, especially if a 4 berth is required. It is crucial to consider both the pros and cons of adding a pop top to a camper as they may hinder important features such as solar panel availability, skylights and luggage racks but can also create an entirely new dynamic in a vehicle. 

How much height does a pop top add to a van?

Height variations of an additional pop top on a van are dependent on both the van size and pop up design. Once folded away, a pop top will create a slight additional height to the vehicle, however, they tend to be very compact once not in use.


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