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Best Pop-Top Camper Vans For Sale? (10 Crowd Favorites)

Best Pop-Top Camper Vans For Sale? (10 Crowd Favorites)

There are so many pop top camper vans for sale on the market these days, that deciding on the best set up for your adventures can feel a bit overwhelming. Camper vans are a great option for those who want a compact mobile home that still feels big enough to store everything you need, and has the amenities to be comfortable while on the road.

Pop-top tents can be fitted to a van that you already own, or can be purchased with the vehicle as one package – In this article we have rounded up the very best pop-top camper vans so you can see all your options in one convenient place.

The 10 best pop-top camper vans for sale:

1. Recon Campers ENVY

Recon Campers’ Envy model aims to provide all of the conveniences of a full-sized RV, with the versatility and maneuverability of a smaller vehicle (the model is built using a Nissan NV200). The pop-top tent feature is a major draw for buyers, with the unique quality of a liftable bed panel that gives over 7 feet of clearance when in the upright position.

In spite of this addition the Envy maintains a low profile, and fits on a compact/low roof vehicle. The loft is accessed through a large opening (made possible thanks to the lifting bed panel) and although the base model does not come with a ladder, folding down of the front seats provides a step up.

The zipper attachment of the pop-top allows for easy removal, repair and replacement if necessary. The Envy model accommodates 4 sleepers comfortably (2 in the loft and 2 down below), includes a stainless steel fridge, scratch-resistant countertop, sink and hot shower, and has the centrally-controlled technology to keep the camper comfortable in all weather conditions .

This model is distinctive in that it allows for roof racks in addition to the pop-top feature, and will set you back $35,950 for the pop-top and conversion, and about $22,000 for the base vehicle.

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2. Winnebago Solis

The Solis is Winnebago’s first Pop-top camper van, and features a full-sized bathroom and generous storage, as well as a 220 watt solar panel. Two seating areas ensure that there’s enough room for the whole family to comfortably relax and have their own space, even in a vehicle with a modest length of under 20 feet.

It’s a great year-round option as Water lines inside the van ensure that there’s no freezing pipes, and the FROLI sleep system is insulating in the loft. The Solis has a fibreglass pop-top that accommodates two people, allowing the model to (similar to Recon’s Envy) comfortably fit 4 people total.

The pop-up is lifted manually, although the addition of gas springs and hinges makes it quick and easy to set up for travellers of all ages. The entrance to the loft is relatively small and accessed via an internal ladder (which can be detached and folded down) in the van. Winnebago’s Solis has a starting price of $100,667 before taxes.

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3. Sportsmobile Transit Penthouse

The Transit Penthouse is one of the most accessible pop-up campers on the market. The pop-top is made of reinforced fibreglass, and raises at a level angle which is a feature rarely seen in pop-up tent designs, increasing headroom in the loft area. It is available as an added feature on the base Transit model, and is suited to regular or extended body low-roof vans.

Unlike most pop-top campers, the Transit Penthouse has the perk of being raised and lowered at the press of a button (using 12V motors), meaning that it doesn’t need to be manually lifted. The loft opening is relatively large for ease of access and makes use of a ladder which folds down, and can be stored away when it’s not needed.

The Transit can seat 5 due to the addition of swivel chairs, and the Laguna table which can be manipulated and extended to ensure that everyone is able to relax. The full bathroom makes extended stays and longer trips comfortable. The Penthouse pop-top can be added to the Transit base for $11,000. The Transit will set you back $41,403 for the standard package, with furnishing and bedding available at extra cost.

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4. Colorado Camper Van Sprinter

Colorado Camper Van performs conversions and add pop-tops to a range of vehicles, working with low, mid and high roof vans. One of their most popular conversions is based on a Mercedes Sprinter Van, with a dual lift system for the pop-top. Their pop-tops are triple layered with a vinyl exterior, ensuring they are weather-proof and provide blackout privacy.

Just one benefit of converting an existing van is the freedom you get in terms of design – as is the case with the Sprinter, where you can choose the size of the loft opening, and add your own booster step or ladder to access the loft area. Pop-tops added by Colorado Campers have a fibreglass and wood reinforced top, giving them the strength to hold roof racks which are a great gear-storing option.

Colorado Campers also offer internal conversions, providing insulation, adding solar panels and lighting, outfitting kitchen areas, and creating power outlets for vans to ensure they are adventure-ready! Pricing does depend on the features and design of your conversion, and financing is available – however, Colorado Camper does not sell base vehicles.

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5. GTRV Pop-Up Conversions

Similar to Colorado Campers, GTRV convert existing vans with the option of adding a pop-up tent feature. They work with Class B RVs of all sizes, including Ford Transits, Nissan NV Cargos, Mercedes Metris’ and Nissan NV200s to redesign vehicles into practical home-on-wheels with an affordable price tag.

The pop-top feature is manually lifted and the loft can be accessed through a large opening at the front of the vehicle, and brings the total sleeping capacity of the van to 4 people. Booster steps or a ladder to reach the loft can be installed, and are sold separately, and a full van conversion boasts plenty of hidden storage options to accommodate all of your equipment.

To add the pop-top conversion to an existing van, you’re looking at spending between $8,500 and $10,000, while a full conversion will cost just over $30,000 (not including the vehicle).

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6. ModVans CV1 for Families

One of the appeals of the CV1 is that it is built as a camper van but can also function as a family van or work van. Built on a Ford Transit base, this low-roof vehicle can accommodate roof-racks as well as the pop-top feature, really emphasising the all-round capabilities that ModVan is going for.

For even more efficient use of exterior roof space, there is the option of installing a high density 300 watt solar panel. The addition of a pop-top tent allows for over 6.5 feet of standing room in this van, and the furnace and A/C vents in the loft area are located in positions that optimise a comfortable sleep in all conditions.

Mechanical latches hold the pop-top in a folded position when driving, and when they are released a rocker switch enables mobility of the tent. The base model MSRP is $82,475.

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7. Peace Vans Mercedes Metris Pop-Top

white converted mercedes metris with pop top

The Mercedes Metris conversion by Peace Vans is easily one of the best minivans for camping with its high-roof option. You’ll get a whole lot of camper without compromising on the height of your vehicle, and Peace Vans are experts at doing nifty little modifications to make your campervan experience the best it can be.

The reinforced fibreglass roof and water resistant vinyl tent are quality features ensuring that your pop-top is going to last in all conditions. The pop-top is lifted manually, with a bed board that is pulled down from the roof – and when being closed, the tent fabric is actually drawn into itself so you don’t have to worry about extra fabric poking out.

To get into the loft, there is a large opening in the front of the van. In terms of the rest of the van, Metris campers come with a kitchenette featuring a double burner stovetop, table, sink and refrigerator, and an abundance of storage options. The Metris with pop-top can comfortably sleep 4 and starts at an MSRP of $105,000 (including both the vehicle and Peace Vans conversion).

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8. Reconditioned Volkswagen Eurovans by Pop Top Heaven

Pop-Top Heaven are focussed on being eco-friendly for an affordable price in their conversions and refurbishments, and this means that they often work on and sell older vans than their competitors, which is attractive for some buyers who have their eye on a particular make or model.

The Pop-tops featured on Eurovans designed by Pop Top Heaven are made of fibreglass and a quality canvas material, and suited to low roof vans. They are lifted manually and at a slanted angle, and feature curtains and shades for privacy as well as a large opening at the front for access to the loft.

Pricing and exact interior design vary according to the model and condition of the van, and buyer specifications.

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9. Pleasure Way Tofino

The Tofino, modified by Pleasure Way, manages to maintain a low profile even with the pop-up tent addition, making it versatile for all conditions during your adventures.

The pop-top has a slanted roof and is manually lifted with the assistance of gas struts which make the opening process easier, and the tent itself is made of canvas and is heavy duty and water resistant.

The loft is accessed via a large entrance and an adjustable ladder in the rear seating area, and the Tofino includes a kitchenette with induction cooktop, stainless steel sink and refrigerator, swivelling front seats, plus plenty of counter space. A touch screen ensures that the van maintains a comfortable temperature, and controls functions of the van from one central location. This model has an MSRP of $74,750.

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10. Thor Tellaro

A pop-top tent is an added option for the Tellaro Class B 20AT Campervan, and another option for those buyers looking for a high roof van. Even with the tent addition, the manufacturer – Thor Motor Coaches, leave plenty of room for a roof-mounted AC unit, and a 200W solar panel.

The loft is accessed via a ladder, and can sleep one person – bringing the capacity of this van to 3 comfortable sleepers (there is a king-size bed on the lower level). The Tellaro includes a wet bathroom – which is unique in a Class B RV, and most of the functions in the van (eg. water, AC, lighting, tank heaters, vents and generator control) can be operated with a central control panel or an app on your phone.

The base model 20AT has an MSRP of $95,375.

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Why You Should Choose a Camper Van with a Pop-Top

Increased Space – The pop-top increases space in the camper by giving you more headroom when the tent is open. It expands the sleeping capacity of the camper by 1-2 people (depending on its size) which is great for families who need a place for the kids to sleep, or it can act as additional storage

Maintains Versatility – Implied by the name – ‘pop-tops’ are able to ‘pop’ open when needed, and close when not needed. Most travellers will lower their pop-top when driving, compacting the tent to a relatively small package.

This reduces air resistance, and has an almost negligible effect on the center of gravity and stability of the vehicle, which means in a lot of cases you can actually take the camper almost anywhere a car can go. No more turning back on winding or unpaved roads, because as long as your van can handle the terrain, the pop-top has relatively little impact on where you can travel.

Additionally, pop-top campers are great for buyers who do not exclusively use their van for travel – as they can function as family or work vans (many vans even accommodate for roof racks as well as the pop-top!), with the pop-top closed and hidden away.

Willing to be a trail blazer? There are now fully electric pop top camper vans being made by PacWesty.

In Closing

So there you have it – the best pop-top camper vans on the market right now! With such a range of features (of both the pop-top and the interior of the van), base vehicles, and prices there really is something for everyone from the weekend warrior and spring break family roadtrippers to those taking longer trips.

Most manufacturers are flexible in designs and additions to pop-top camper vans so with a bit of research there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a rig that suits your needs!

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