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Retro Campers and Travel Trailers (10 “Vintage” Favorites)

Retro Campers and Travel Trailers (10 “Vintage” Favorites)

What’s old is new again with these retro campers and travel trailers complete with all the modern technology you’ll need! Whether you’re looking to embark on a long cross country journey or love a good weekend getaway, a vintage style travel trailer can give you all the right vibes.

Retro travel trailers offer all its passengers a unique experience with funky interiors, cool shapes and great views of the surroundings and honestly there’s nothing quite like it . So start looking for those traditional designs that we all love so much, but add a bit of a modern twist to give you that vintage camper flair.

Top 10 retro campers and travel trailers:

1. Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser

There is something old and something new for every person who purchases a Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser. Feel the 50’s spirit all around you, but have the power of technology and innovation of the 21 century backing you on every new road you take.

With a fun shape to set your camper apart from the rest, it’s time to get really excited about the retro color options like teal and cream, or crimson and cream for your new home on wheels. Personalize the Gulf Stream with quirky back splash and pine paneling for an authentic experience that is also brand new and just for you!

Take on the old easy breezy lifestyles of the past while you enjoy the simple pleasures of elevated camping with friends and family. Easily pull this lightweight trailer by a small SUV or minivan and embark on new adventures everyday. Choose between standard features or a vintage package to make your travel as retro as possible.

2. Riverside RV Retro Series

If you want to time hop back to the 1950’s with cool interiors like checkerboard flooring and bright pillows, the Riverside RV might be for you. While you might truly think you stepped back to another era, all it takes is one glance at some modern amenities and features to bring you back to reality.

From mini campers to full on motor homes, the classically designed Riverside RV Retro Series is quite extraordinary. Experience the modern day luxuries of camping with comfort and impeccable style.

Many outdoor enthusiasts and road trips goers fall in love with the riverside because of its elegant shape, curved corners and inviting exteriors, however it’s functionally is out of this world. With plenty of storage space and options to incorporate a full bathroom and kitchen; this travel trailer is not only a pastime favorite, but a modern wonder. One look and you’ll be signing the papers and hitting the road.

3. Happier Camper – HC1 Travel

Putting on a smile has never been so easy, especially when you’re traveling around in this fiberglass egg style camper. The Happier Camper HC1 combines retro shapes and fun colors with a modern touch, that makes it near perfect for all potential owners. This lightweight trail can be towed by most small cars and can comfortably sleep five.

With a large rear hatch door, take this compact trailer anywhere and experience indoor and outdoor living in luxury. With great storage options, this classically shaped trailer exudes vintage design. Easily configure the interior in minutes as this camper can be personalized for every situation. Take the inside furniture out and embrace your surroundings as the options of the HC1 camper are endless.

Never miss an adventure and always be ready to switch it up as this can be so versatile. So what are you waiting for; grab your surf boards, hiking equipment or personal items and feel all types of joy in this cool camper.

4. Dub Box USA

Would you like a popup travel trailer that’s not only vintage, but looks a tad like the iconic VW bus? Then chances are you, you need to be looking at the Dub Box! This lightweight camper can be used to not only travel in style and comfort, but be used as a great mobile pop-up business for those thinking about hitting the road. With a flexible interior, easily rearrange the inside for a personalized retro look.

Choose between three campers or four business trailers for an adventure of a lifetime. While the interior can be a bit basic, the joy of this pop-up camper is all in body and exterior. Easily add some height and roominess to the camper by cranking the lift system for a camper like no other.

5. Scamp Trailers

Everybody loves options and if you want a camper or travel trailer that’s completely custom, then a Scamp trailer may be for you. From choosing between hardwood floors, different awnings and three trailers to meet your needs, a Scamp trailer thinks about the smallest of details.

With a retro body and aerodynamic design, these campers were built to be towed by most small sized vehicles. From the standard options that feature all the basics to deluxe larger layouts, enjoy adaptability and flexibility.

From the classic vintage egg shape to the bright and airy atmosphere, Scamp trailers are great for family weekend trips or long cross country road trips. Live the life of luxury in this retro trailer that offers AC, heating and full bathrooms for optimum comfort. With a reputable customer base, you can’t go wrong with a Scamp trailer.

6. T@B Teardrop Camper

Teardrops may be small, but boy oh boy do they provide you with more than you bargained for. Featuring a galley kitchen, a wet bath and dinette that converts to a comfortable bed, the T@B teardrop camper is perfect for all types or excursions. Designed for all weather conditions, durability is at the forefront of this camper.

With an iconic look that is loved by so many, a teardrop offers an authentic experience for those wanting to take on the road and see the world. This cool lifestyle can be more than just a trend but indeed a reality when you choose to downsize and enjoy the bright and cozy vintage inspired teardrop. While it may be small it is most definitely mighty!

7. Airstream Bambi

The iconic Airstream may be hippest and trendiest trailer of them all, and while Airstreams have been around for decades the Bambi is something special. With its legendary curved aluminum design and boasting lots of natural light, this is about as retro as it comes.

For many camping lovers and outdoor enthusiasts the Airstream Bambi is the dream travel camper. With stainless steel appliances, retractable awnings and plenty of space, this is the ultimate retro inspired trailer. An Airstream is the full package and you’ll be talk of the campsite with this beauty!

For those of you looking to travel with your family or have some camper guests, the Bambi can comfortably sleep four, when its dinette is turned into extra sleeping space. Cruise the open road and live the life of Airstream luxury with this sleek and nostalgic camper. With different floor plans and exceptional quality, it’s time to make dreams come true for ongoing adventures.

8. Timberleaf Classic

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for new adventures with the Timberleaf classic. With three models to choose from and all offering amazing design and fixtures, this trailer has the feel of a vintage find but with a modern touch. Take the Timberleaf offroading or keep it strictly on pavement when you personalize this classic teardrop to your every wish.

If you’re up for adventures and want a travel trailer that can match your levels, this is for you. Open the rear door and experience a compact kitchen and relax under nature with a beautiful sky light. Experience elevated camping with a trusted camper that allows you to see the world and relish in a classic compact design. With an array of colors to pick between and funky features, get towing for some comfort on the road.

9. Winnebago Brave

If you’ve been looking for a retro travel trailer, chances are your search will lead you to a classic Winnebago. This well known and trusted motorhome has been designed specifically to replicate the vintage and famous style of the Winnebago exterior, but with a modern and lavish interior.

Winnebagos have a trusted reputation and the Brave will only exceed expectations. The relaunch of the brave has proven to be a success and if you are interested in time travel, but love a bit of modern comfort this might be perfect for you.

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With multi functioning accessories and amenities, it’s no wonder this is an award winning camper. From family trips to coast to coast road trips, the new and improved Winnebago Brave brings together retro style, comfort and fun in one amazing and open living space!

10. Gidget Teardrop

If you like a unique and one of a kind camper or trailer, the Gidget Teardrop could be up your alley. Watch and be amazed as this once small little teardrop doubles in size and offers its users a spacious indoor and out living experience. With a rear opening trunk that gives access to a compact kitchen, this cozy and retro teardrop will make all excursions a joy.

Look at the stars with the Gidgets’ very own skylight and run efficiently with a little solar panel on the roof. Sleep comfortably on a spacious queen size bed and attach this little guy to most small vehicles for an adventure in no time.

Unfortunately Gidget teardrops are no longer in business making brand new travel trailers, however you can always look for second hand ones on marketplaces or through private sellers. They are totally worth it and I mean seriously how retro of you to find a used one!


What is considered a vintage RV?

Generally speaking, a vintage RV is anything over 20 years old, however vintage inspired campers are taking over as their fun and colorful designs mixed with innovation equals a great trailer. Historically speaking a vintage RV will mimic a time period of its creation like the legendary Volkswagen bus!

Who makes retro-style travel trailers?

One of the most well known retro-styled travel trailers has to be an Airstream. Its classic style, color and design can be seen on any highway or back road and its trusted reputation makes it an ideal travel trailer for generations. Another great retro inspired travel trailer is Riversides Retro RV, which takes you on a journey through the ages with its recognizable features and fixtures.

What are those old silver campers called?

Chances are you’ve seen an old silver camper somewhere in your life, but it is probably a classic Airstream. In all likelihood this is one of the most recognizable and desirable campers on the market and while the prices can be a bit high, it is completely worth it. The Airstream or also commonly known as the silver bullet, has an aluminum exterior and bullet body which exudes vintage charm with all the bells and whistles.

Do they still make Scotty campers?

Unfortunately Scotty campers are no longer built today, however if you find a vintage Scotty up for sale, I would definitely jump on that opportunity. Scotty campers were originally made between 1957 to 1997 with key features including their lightweight design and fun characteristics. Today these trailers are mimicked because of their bright look, compact size and desirable aspects.

Closing Thoughts

So, get cruising as vintage and retro inspired campers offer a sense of charm that some modern motorhomes don’t have. They feel cozy, unique and offer an extra slice of fun while you’re taking on the open road. From their cool curved design to lively colors and reliability, retro trailers give you a balance of excitement mixed with practicality.

So what are you waiting for, get ready to live out your fantasy of the past in a brand new travel trailer that will make the future so much better!


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